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1.´Register Globals´ Off not supported? mehli200272005-09-19 20:04:17
2.Images not showing on magazine, need Help boydie52005-09-19 09:21:27
3.How to take out the date? Crunkier22005-10-19 03:01:39
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5.Working rss file boydie42005-10-08 22:21:00
6.Last problem segdoune92005-11-10 23:02:27
7.Uk pound sign segdoune32005-11-23 18:51:05
8.Pictures Install Error Pro-com42005-11-27 00:23:53
9.problem with login metodman22005-11-27 16:24:45
10.problem with login metodman32005-11-27 16:23:44
11.5 Stars? fatmike142004-08-14 05:44:22 to Create mysql table by using dump.sql file for Rate it? shadow_boi32005-08-22 04:09:03
13.installation problem version 1.48 artful12006-01-12 14:22:09
14.Problem with database bedtymetales12006-01-25 20:02:00
15.NewsManger and Web Mag Install Error dsmith331112006-01-30 21:43:49
16.Error in mysql syntax!!! metodman22005-07-05 08:53:29
17.Wallpaper site based on phpNewsManager Drift2102006-09-18 21:34:21
18.Pictures won´t upload - errors out big time! TheShiva112004-10-29 15:21:27
19.phpNewsManager Installation Files babyblue24_742006-02-09 19:14:09
20.phpNewsManager & phpWebMagazine Quoestions Gregor2602003-04-01 08:43:23
21.Please Heeeeelp... is this a bug or a problem... help needed... thanks sizq22006-07-12 16:22:41
22.1. January 1970, 00:59 letsrock142007-01-23 01:27:10
23.Problem with Mysql / Instalation / Use sizq12006-07-10 21:19:45
24.install succesfully both! webmac works fine but newman not works... homebug52006-10-30 03:27:39
25.i cant use skin for winxp... it dosen´t work coracias22006-10-20 12:06:52
26.i´m stupid so help me!!! orphanedhanyou52006-07-03 11:49:13
27.i wish i had the valintine (1) skin type iloveu32006-07-05 19:32:14
28.cant log in DeathfireD22006-05-07 12:40:59
29.Please help - installed fine, but won´t add anything to dbase Ansel_Tk162006-02-18 02:30:16
30.wIDTH segdoune12005-11-01 19:38:33
31.phpnewsmanager displaying error message at start of news titles and articles pablouin12005-09-22 16:32:08
32.Newspic-Desperation letsrock472004-11-12 11:28:47
33.Picture not displaying in news islamabadi2k42005-08-05 15:01:16
34.How do i make news show up on my webpage? oasis12005-04-12 00:42:06
35.Difficulty installing NewsManager PrincessFiona22005-05-19 18:35:30
36.rate it script doofystyle22005-04-01 00:19:05
37.News in my website NeO_Giu12005-03-28 04:24:25
38.header handler ? nazar12005-02-28 04:44:16
39.parse errors with webmag script mavoric112005-01-24 11:25:41
40.Changing News Topics jdeutsch12005-02-19 00:39:03
41.Install.php warren62004-12-07 01:56:28
42.Installation Problem! comptherapy92004-10-15 08:40:48
43.can´t install php News Manager 1.46 ? nazar172004-11-28 04:13:43 file is blank. How do I fix this bug? Johnny_Vegas22005-01-26 19:47:35 file error yuri72004-09-19 18:08:23
46.Subcategories in News rickc32004-12-27 01:23:19
47.this is die forum nazar32005-01-01 16:23:17
48.where sornchai12005-01-04 07:43:35
49.phpNewsManager Bugs Gregor72003-08-21 11:44:10 scrapping this program  blacknight32004-11-30 00:13:04