problem with login

metodman / 1 decade ago (27 November 2005 04:23)

but I have a problem with the login action, if you try to log with an unregistred account you can post comment...I have checked the newman_lib script and it stop only the empty login post:

if (empty($GLOBALS[´login´]))


how can we stop all the unregistred users???

HELP me!

if the bug is fixed in an other thread or post, please repost the link because I don´t find anything about this with the site search engine.

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1 decade ago (27.11.2005 09:20)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Colin from Scotland was working on this shortly before. Search for user segdoune + get in touch with him. He also had feedback from an experienced user named polaris or Polaris who knows a LOT about these things. 1 thread by colin was called Last problem and might be in the messageboard PHP section
1 decade ago (27.11.2005 09:21)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
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