Please Heeeeelp... is this a bug or a problem... help needed... thanks

sizq / 1 decade ago (12 July 2006 04:22)

Hi. When I installed the system there was no problem, I created the user admin with password admin. Then... I could not enter to the admin area, so I checked the database the table admins and it has one registry with id=1 and the rest of fields were empty. So I changed manually the user and password. Then I could enter to the admin area but I can not create users or modify mine. When I modify mine (change the Name) and I click proceed, the changes where not made. Any idea? Thanks Sergio Izquierdo

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1 decade ago (12.07.2006 04:40)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Sorry to say for about half a year these scripts have not been supported or developed any further excepting some volunteer help by users like polaris + a few others who had some experience and good will. The site owner has been working heavily on more than 30 sites. I hope later on SkinTech will be in the focus of improvements just like SkinBase was in spring, Basehead wallpapers, moviestation and moviebase are still worked on.

In the meantime php itself has went up several versions. That whole topic needs an overhaul and update showing which scripts work with what php but the admin password etc. seems to be an old problem.

Thus, all I can do right now is hope you get response in our other thread for that which you already posted in. But you must understand I cant always expect polaris to answer pms and support this on his own.


1 decade ago (24.08.2007 04:34)
Reply by: contractartist
what system are needing help with?