Skinbase Rules

This site is a community site. As such, we expect users to behave with honor and integrity. Treat the person you post to or comment on a wallpaper to as if they are sitting next to you. Picture this place as a nice, comfortable resort surrounded by friends. We understand†that you have put quite a bit of time and effort into creating your artwork/skins/photos and wish to show it off to the world. Please review the rules/guidelines bellow. If you have any questions please feel free to email us and we will be glad to try and answer your question.† Thanks!

More specifically, our rules/quidelines have to be about the handling of intellectual property. When you upload something, you are agreeing to the rules/guidelines set below:

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RSS is a family of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated digital content, such as blogs, news feeds or podcasts.

Users of RSS content use software programs called "feed readers" or "feed aggregators". The user subscribes to a feed by entering a link to the feed into the reader program. The reader can then check the user's subscribed feeds to see if any of those feeds have new content since the last time it checked, and if so, retrieve that content and present it to the user.

The initials "RSS" are variously used to refer to the following standards:

  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0)
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  • RDF Site Summary (RSS 0.9 and 1.0)

RSS formats are specified in XML (a generic specification for data formats). RSS delivers its information as an XML file called an "RSS feed," "webfeed," "RSS stream," or "RSS channel".