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segdoune / 1 decade ago (10 November 2005 11:02)

Hi all,
i have everyting working the way i like appart from two smalll problems that i cant fix.
The first problem is when you hit the search button with an empty field it displayes errors.

The second is the fact that if you login with any user name and pass word you are able to post comments.
does any one have fixs for the last two issues.
Keep smiling

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1 decade ago (12.11.2005 12:37)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Happy Congrats on your news items now appearing full screen when clicked, so maybe your post helped. If I understand your next quest right it means it does not check a database to see whether the user name and passw. are valid before allowing the comment. Does this autoenter each new id/passw. combination into a database or shortcut the database or dont you have 1. Might look into it next week but I dont have my laptop along in Frankfurt today. Anyone else help in the meantime?. (Same goes for other problem, still learning myself, Ill experiment a bit from Cologne a bit later, though).
1 decade ago (13.11.2005 03:52)
Reply by: mickeblue
two solutions Colin... why post a search if you haven´t got one?
and why pretend to be some on you are not?

If you need help with any of the above questions... FUCK OFF!
1 decade ago (13.11.2005 03:48)
Reply by: segdoune
Don’t get what you’re on about Mike.
I admin a small fishing site at [LINK]
My name and address is on the shop side of the site.
So I am who I say I am.
I am trying to use the WebNews as a new front end to the site.
What I am working on can be seen here [LINK]
Including the search.
So what are you on about?

1 decade ago (15.11.2005 09:54)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Had a short glimpse + tested logging in with fictious ID + passw. (only 2 letters each though, did not work, which might be a good sign. Must admit I feel a bit like mickeblue when trying to see a problem with no good result coming from hitting go in a search mask without entering anything to match. Although instead it would seem better to get an answer like "no entries found, did you mean...?". But for a rudimentary search function you write yourself or take from a free script that does not appear to be tragic. If you expect more, you might have to get into the whole code and programming field a bit deeper or apply more advanced tools + scripts that suggest more sophisticated complete tested modules you could then modify yourself if you are that advanced, or modify them with the tools. Some tools cost a LOT of money if your expectations are that high.

Next week I might be in touch with a German PHP specialist about 1 or 2 other things, it sounds as if you were doing rather well as it is right now. The more I talk about web design and codes and PHP to friends on phones, messengers or at clubs, it turns out more people seem involved or know someone into these things than I thought. Maybe you can find some private friends of your own helpful in your own language.

My impression was i. example PKs own site was also related to this a bit more, check out the links to other sites from his site.
1 decade ago (15.11.2005 11:44)
Reply by: segdoune
Thanks for th ereply taxi,
I know very little about php.
when I ht the search with an empty field i get the following,
Warning: ereg_replace(): REG_EMPTY in /home/coysoqjo/public_html/magazine/WebMagazine/newman_lib.php on line 712

Warning: ereg_replace(): REG_EMPTY in /home/coysoqjo/public_html/magazine/WebMagazine/newman_lib.php on line 713

I need a small peice of code to check if the field is empty.
Once again thanks for the help
1 decade ago (17.11.2005 01:50)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
(temporary DEMO LINK WAS HERE) will be pulled off the Net soon, put it online for you to mess with code. Note its not in mere php, made it an index htm and in the code line the parameter S field needs the value of your search field name added. Alter the rest or combine with what you had, at least a laugh for you hard working fisher:car Might need interaction with remote server, you may have 1 anyway, what do I know? If I need a fish, maybe u can mail 1, tee hee hee. Save it offline so I can remove it and observe the crazy script line a bit lower with CHECKSUM mentioned either resulting by my test searches before or my misconfigured virus shield, currently messing with a lot of new things in the old year, sorry. German SELFPHP did not answer my naive questions yet, and the script on SkinTech seems to be what you used causing the same message. Did this with MSFrontpage, webcreator 2 is probably even less helpful. Oh, well, next year, me n my friends should have learned and cleaned up a bit more.
1 decade ago (20.11.2005 10:31)
Reply by: polaris
Hi segdoune,

These bugs has already been fixed.

You should check this forum for it. I´ve posted this fixes long time ago...
1 decade ago (21.11.2005 09:33)
Reply by: segdoune
Cheers Polaris.
Ive read the forums and must have missed it.thanks.
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