Skinbase Rules

This site is a community site. As such, we expect users to behave with honor and integrity. Treat the person you post to or comment on a wallpaper to as if they are sitting next to you. Picture this place as a nice, comfortable resort surrounded by friends. We understand†that you have put quite a bit of time and effort into creating your artwork/skins/photos and wish to show it off to the world. Please review the rules/guidelines bellow. If you have any questions please feel free to email us and we will be glad to try and answer your question.† Thanks!

More specifically, our rules/quidelines have to be about the handling of intellectual property. When you upload something, you are agreeing to the rules/guidelines set below:

Rules and Guidelines


You own the materials you upload. This cuts both ways, we assume you made what you uploaded and we will not sell your property without your permission. If you upload something that is owned by someone else or contains materials owned by someone else, we have the right to delete that item without notification. For instance, if you upload a wallpaper with the Lord of the Rings logo and the owners of that logo come to us and request we remove it, we will do so.


When you upload something to us, you are giving us the permission, within reason, to display your property for the promotion of this site as well as allowing us to distribute your property to others (i.e. the whole reason to upload your skin in the first place).


We don't charge you to store your property and you don't charge us to display your property.


We are not liable for the contents of the site. We will do our best to keep the site's integrity intact but ultimately when you upload something, the responsibility is on you that you're uploading materials you own.


Your submission must be complete and functional. Please test it before you submit it. We regularly receive empty or incomplete zips. Also, please include a FULL SIZE screenshot. Please do not scale it down in the screenshot, and don't worry about the thumbnail. Our server will automatically generate the smaller image for quick preview.


Also to be referred to as copyright theft. No uploads containing in part or in totality another artist's work will be accepted without a written authorization from the original author.


This is a slightly difficult topic, but as a general rules artwork containing male or female frontal nudity will be not accepted. We can occasionally bend this rule if the artwork is truly exceptional and if the nudity it contains is only an element of the artwork, not the subject in itself.