warren / 1 decade ago (07 December 2004 01:56)

I´ve just downloaded phpNewsManager 1.46, and when i´am write in my infomation in the fields in install.php its just refresh the page, and I´ve chmod the to 666.

What is wrong ???

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1 decade ago (21.12.2004 01:07)
Reply by: Henk van de Kamer
Today I had the same problem and after investigation I found that this script is before the new register_globals policy of PHP 4.3.0 and higher. See [LINK] for the reason why.

Setting register_globals to on is therefor not an option. You can change the code for example to:

$action = $_POST[´action´];

With that I hit the wall in step 2. Etc. So the solution is to completly modify the code. That is a major undertaking. May be I´ll do that, but first see under what kind of license this code is released. Or may be someone else has already done the good work?
1 decade ago (16.01.2005 11:13)
Reply by: polaris
Yes, this was already done. You don´t need to edit whole code. There are some "hacks" that you can use to make POST variables global.
1 decade ago (04.02.2005 03:50)
Reply by: onuzu
I really need help. I can privode all my any information anybody needs to log into my sister and try to install and know what´s wrong.
1 decade ago (05.02.2005 11:35)
Reply by: polaris
Well, maybe, if I found time to do it, can try to install it on your system. Just need all your server and mysql information.

1 decade ago (05.02.2005 02:39)
Reply by: onuzu
Polaris please provide me with the email to send the information to, or do you think it´s safe to post them here?
1 decade ago (05.02.2005 05:47)
Reply by: polaris
I´ve send my email info to your private messanger.