Problem with database

bedtymetales / 1 decade ago (25 January 2006 08:02)

Hi! I've just installed PHPNewsManager on my site at:

I was able to login to the admin section only after I manually went into mysql and created the admin user. I logged into the admin section and then tried to create a news item but it did not save it. It seems that my script is not saving the information to the database. I am not getting any error messages.

Also, when I try to upload a picture I get the following error -

Warning: Missing argument 1 for CheckLogin() in /home/bedtyme/public_html/Chipmunk/functions.php on line 80

Warning: Missing argument 2 for CheckLogin() in /home/bedtyme/public_html/Chipmunk/functions.php on line 80

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to being able to work with this script.

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