phpNewsManager Installation Files

babyblue24_7 / 1 decade ago (09 February 2006 07:14)

I can't seem to find the installation instructions for phpNewsManager. When I go to this page.. all I can see is: Installation note

Could someone please give me their instructions, as I would like to try this script, it seems good...

Also, if you could include this as well..." We included an example script how you can integrate it into your webpage. " Or at least give me some direction on how to include it, that would be great...

Thanks in advance

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1 decade ago (09.02.2006 07:33)
Reply by: babyblue24_7
Sorry about posting it so many times, I don´t know why it did that..
1 decade ago (09.02.2006 09:20)
Reply by: babyblue24_7
I got it installed... I guess I didn´t need instructions lol now when I try to login... It just takes me back to the login page... any idea´s?
1 decade ago (14.02.2006 11:36)
Reply by: polaris
You probably need to have register_globals set to "on" in your php configuration file. (e.g. php.ini).

1 decade ago (26.02.2010 06:31)
Reply by: watson
phpNewsManager is the news manager for your website. This script will help you to add,edit and remove news on your site. It also supports multi-level user access and comes with a user friendly GUI. This version also cover features for managing a weekly poll, a partner list plus the ability to create your [url=[LINK]]350-029[/url] own user privilege groups. Your website users can also leave comments on each news item you write and the script also counts how many views each news article generates. You can also easily customize your color settings.