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Pro-com / 1 decade ago (27 November 2005 12:23)

When i try to install php news manager it install's but there is one problem , i receive this problem:

news_pics...Duplicate column name 'id'

i have no idea what this means and i have tried this on so many diffrent servers and it comes up with the same problem can somebody please help?

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1 decade ago (27.11.2005 12:03)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Try message to Polaris or polaris
1 decade ago (27.11.2005 12:18)
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Great help and explanation,TAXIFUNK Cool
1 decade ago (27.11.2005 04:21)
Reply by: polaris

Well, there is bug in install.php file.

Open install.php and on line 225 you will see something like this:
mysql_query("CREATE TABLE $db_news_pics (id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,author tinytext NOT NULL,name tinytext NOT NULL,picture tinytext NOT NULL,description tinytext NOT NULL,datum date NOT NULL default ´0000-00-00´,PRIMARY KEY (id,id,id)) TYPE=MyISAM;");

Whatch for this part = PRIMARY KEY (id,id,id)),
it should be = PRIMARY KEY (id))

(just one ID)

Save and exit and try to install again. (but delete all tables from mysql that News Manager created).

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