cant log in

DeathfireD / 1 decade ago (07 May 2006 12:40)

Well the install went good but when I try and log into the news system the page just refreshes and the input boxes clear. Anyone know why or have had this issue before?

Im using php5

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1 decade ago (09.05.2006 10:32)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Yeah, hate to say some of those scripts incl. the news thing might as well get a revamp when they get around to it. Esp. considering, as you say, php is more typical in 5 versions these days. Every once and a while I had sort of tested things to find things to be just like various user reports/questions said they were.

Its not like no one cared. Polaris was VERY helpful often on a completely volontary basis. And the pros like Greg, Nikos etc (who in fact is also working in spare time) have not been lazy at all but QUITE busy improving old and new sites, like Skinbase,, basehead wallpapers, all of which are also SkinTech projects.

Still hope 1 day the Skintech things themselves see an overhaul. Only php I generate on my private pages which Ive also been out of a bit was not by myself but made with some tool like ms frontpage, free webcreator2, or copied from some page offering scripts. But the news manager from SkinTech is something a bit out of my range right now Sad
1 decade ago (10.05.2006 02:36)
Reply by: DeathfireD
well after looking into it more and reading the forums iv noticed everything others have been saying is happening to me (IE. its not writing or editing the database entrys at all). For example when I add my admin name into the database and then log in I try editing or adding a new news group, it dosnt work. I try adding news it dosnt work. I try doing anything that involves the database and it dosnt work. So I have a feeling this script was made using php3 and the methods there using to wright to database where updated in php4 and 5 since its not working in anything above php3.

I understand there busy, I hope one day they will have time to update the script. It looks realy great and if they could update it im sure it would be very populare with the people looking for a community news driven site.