install succesfully both! webmac works fine but newman not works...

homebug / 1 decade ago (30 October 2006 03:27)


I installed both webmac and newman. Webmac works fine, I think. But for newman, log-in box is only resolved and other things does not opened. You an check it by visiting my site, How can I resolve this problem? Pleas anybody answer me as soon as possible. Thanks.

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1 decade ago (30.10.2006 03:35)
Reply by: homebug

It´s me again. When I opened the demo of newman in this site, it also just resolved log-in box. Why? How can I add or delete news? Please answer me. Thanks.
1 decade ago (30.10.2006 01:43)
Reply by: MountainHawk
You might get a better response to your problem on a geek site like Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (14.11.2006 06:53)
Reply by: polaris
Sorry, try to get some other news managment script. This script is badly supported.

1 decade ago (15.11.2006 02:14)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Yes, sorry, with slight changes of your own it might work but it needs to be adapted to new php versions and the scripters are busy with some external projects and other sites. Still its free and an inspiration from earlier days... THANKS A MILLION for polaris helping SO MANY TIMES for free, maybe next year it gets a new start worthwhile when we know what MS might change etc, things a bit transitional these days LOL
1 decade ago (15.11.2006 02:50)
Reply by: polaris
I´m glad I could help in any way. I´ve tried to speak with gRAVE (owner of script) to work on this script on some partnership, but with no answer. It´s hard for me to make changes to script and reviewing bugs when maybe in next version everything will be deleted.