im scrapping this program

blacknight / 1 decade ago (30 November 2004 12:13)

im scrapping this program mabe in versions to come thay wioll make it so u can install the damn thing

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1 decade ago (30.11.2004 11:52)
Reply by: PK
1 decade ago (30.11.2004 09:55)
Reply by: Yrgal
You´re propably right... OhWell
1 decade ago (01.12.2004 11:42)
Reply by: david_ll
We were thinking of scrapping it too. But then we got looking around at some of the other news programs out there, like at which is where we found this one.

We looked probably 20 pages deep at hotscripts, and when we really got looking at the other scripts, and even tried a few of them out, we found that this one was really the most well rounded news script.

There are some out there you could probably spend some money on that are probably exceptional, but you gotta dig in the pockets for them.

We decided to keep this one, despite a few difficulties, like difficult to customize, and a few minor glitches, but it is working on the overall, ok...