1. January 1970, 00:59

letsrock / 1 decade ago (23 January 2007 01:27)

Hey guys!

I know there has already been the discussion about this topic, but I didn't manage to make it work even AFTER creating a new "Breaking News" - item...

Here is the link to my WebMagazine: http://letsrock.le.funpic.de/rotschrift/WebMagazine/index.php

And this is the NewsManager: http://letsrock.le.funpic.de/rotschrift/newman/

Login: test - test

Can anybody help me out?

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1 decade ago (23.01.2007 10:08)
Reply by: letsrock
1 decade ago (23.01.2007 03:02)
Reply by: sed
1 decade ago (25.01.2007 04:34)
Reply by: letsrock
I´m sorry sed - i don´t actually know what you mean...?
1 decade ago (25.01.2007 06:27)
Reply by: mickeblue
What was the question? lol
1 decade ago (30.01.2007 10:46)
Reply by: letsrock
Aaaah, I guess I forgot to write it down: How can I change the date of the news items? By now, they have all the same date: 1. January 1970, 00:59 - which is, let´s say, not quite correct...
1 decade ago (07.02.2007 12:08)
Reply by: Captain America
lol clap
1 decade ago (22.02.2007 09:16)
Reply by: letsrock
I am very glad to see you all quite amused about this (regarding to the smilieys) but I did not master this problem yet... Seems to be quite tricky, doesn´t it?
1 decade ago (22.02.2007 03:27)
Reply by: mickeblue
Don´t mind us letsrock... our insanity gets us through the bad weather LOL I can´t see anywhere to change the date in the NewsManager... I suggest you copy the page code, alter the dates in the code, and reupload it to your server... worth a try???
1 decade ago (28.02.2007 02:31)
Reply by: letsrock
Yes, this will help for the moment - thanks a lot, micke! But I guess, this phenomenon will appear every time I create a new item, won´t it?
1 decade ago (28.02.2007 02:40)
Reply by: letsrock
Oh, as I see, the time and date is coming from the database, so I will have to edit it there - each item seperately...
1 decade ago (28.02.2007 03:14)
Reply by: letsrock
Argl, in the database is always the right date and time - can any of you send me his newman_lib.php please?
1 decade ago (01.03.2007 12:40)
Reply by: adni18
Sent an email to [LINK] , I am sure he is going to solve your problem Wink
1 decade ago (01.03.2007 09:34)
Reply by: letsrock
Thanks! E-Mail is well underway...
1 decade ago (06.05.2007 11:15)
Reply by: letsrock
Still no solution for this one...