segdoune / 1 decade ago (01 November 2005 05:11)

Any one tel me how to make the news 100# full screen.
have a look at the site so far.

i would love it to go ful lwidth but I'm stuck.
keep smiling

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1 decade ago (05.11.2005 06:18)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
brownies or rainbows - at the end of a rainbow good for me, I find a brown cupcake in a vanilla float. Although the rainbow looks great and more spectacular, if I have to choose, scratch the rb. Fun poll. Dont know much about SkinTech or web creation yet neither why this appears 2ce. Would selfhtml which is free and you can google for help? Or adding parameter target="blank_"? Or what is meant by 100#?
1 decade ago (06.11.2005 06:44)
Reply by: grimspoon
Hey TAXI, am also working on that damn script but I can´t locate the tagging for full screen in my script archives right now. Maybe if I come over it later I´ll send it to you. Happy
1 decade ago (08.11.2005 03:30)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
}Grin grim, you mischievous busy body, you are the script yourself, so now we caught you. This cat´s quite a musician, radios, morph music. We´ll be in touch bout that other thing anyway 1 day, meanwhile this is fun, and MSN seems like a next year thing to me :smoke Still didnt get home yet, if a phone rings in the script, maybe its crazy cab co. a bit later. Regards :car
1 decade ago (08.11.2005 03:22)
Reply by: grimspoon
Ehe... I was mostly devious with the html code quite a while back, thats why I can´t locate anything in the archives right now. Happy

About that other thing, yea.. looks like you may be needed at the controls for some serious php debugging assistance on the site, but some form of direct communication is required. Msn is good.
1 decade ago (10.11.2005 08:28)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
Self html is german, I forgot. They recommend using a Java script line to open a new window, (so declare the lines to follow java first if you were in something else, in example html in the lines before)(then use window.open(a href="url of fishynews3.htm/fishpage3" target="_blank" fullscreen="yes") Close tags and undeclare Java to get back to html for the next lines if necessary. The PLACE to enter this should probably not be each separate link to fishnewstext1, 2, 3 etc., but the STYLESHEET line for all of em which the script seems to call up when I analyze it with Frontpage, finding it to be a css/VB script combination setting width to 796 pixels instead of a screen width percentage or a fullscreen parameter. Note window then appearing can only be closed inside IE explorer with ALT+4, so they suggest another line offering a clickable window closing option. Firefox, Netscape, Opera etc. like browsers might react differently.

Most people dont really need fullscreen incl. sideeffects, but only width 100% instead of fixed size 796, AND in the printline option there are some parameters for that too, which are not a must either, depending on what some users instruct their printer to do that clashes less with parameters you sometimes set. In fact, I currently DO NOT even always make pages WCT3 compatible and enter several animations for diff. browsers into the same page at once. This way, each browser shows what it supports. Some are then confused by my not having declared document type, but still tend to sort out what they can themselves.

Translating this to english without causing a messy half active result in the wicked code used here, which compares to a mix of bbc, html, and more depending on which skinbase page you are on seems akward. Esp. cause using things like MSfrontpage or dreamweaver is better anyway and will set up the code for you. However, these things do cost money and have to be learned themselves.

My chattability will be improved a bit later. Restructuring my Cologne domicile a bit and messing with some other things. (Next skin this weekend, btw). Grave and Grim Xmas wishlist should be 200,000$ and some free IT professionals, which is not me. But the free spirit and will to help plus a variety of nice users around here might enable quite a deal without Santa. Mom turned 86 last weekend. Time is what we all need, it sorta flies. Have some good days and programming. Enjoyed old Jark interviews about Morph music 5-6 years ago devious style. Well well, thinking of you guys often, take care! Wink

To conclude this I am inserting a link leading to a page inside which you click the highlighted text line ending with the word fullscreen in parentheses which then leads you to the solution of the problem (Cry, in German, just bribe a kraut with some loevenbrau beer to have him read it to ya or use a translater program)
1 decade ago (15.08.2010 09:23)
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