i wish i had the valintine (1) skin type

iloveu / 1 decade ago (05 July 2006 07:32)

please tell help me to get it

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1 decade ago (06.07.2006 06:29)
Reply by: lzrdkng
I wish I had the human skin type instead of this old lizard skin.
1 decade ago (06.07.2006 07:28)
Reply by: MountainHawk
Is it a windowblind, a log on screen, ms styles, desktopx skin....what type of skin is it exactly? Whatever type of skin it is you need the correct application installed on your computer to run it or it won´t work. Be more specific about the help you need and we can help you better! Congratulation Cool Wink
1 decade ago (06.07.2006 02:45)
Reply by: sed
I believe he means the Skin he was born in.