Images not showing on magazine, need Help

boydie / 1 decade ago (19 September 2005 09:21)


the images would show on the homepage, I know I must have missed a connection but I can´t find out what if missed out, help please

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1 decade ago (24.09.2005 05:14)
Reply by: polaris
Well, I see images on your site so don´t really know where is the problem..?

1 decade ago (10.10.2005 03:25)
Reply by: boydie
If managed to fix the problem I had to put ./newman/gfx etc, I just have to problems know,

1, the user login doesn´t check the db, any password works

2, the rss file isn´t updating, it´s blank

Any ideas?
1 decade ago (12.10.2005 09:03)
Reply by: polaris

Did you try latest version of NewsManager? 1.47? As gRAVE told me, there is some bug fixes in that version. As for me, I´ve fix most of that bugs by myself and some of those fixes you can find in this forum.
1 decade ago (17.10.2005 03:36)
Reply by: boydie
the problem was the the url path for news, to was gfx/news, i changed it to newman/gfx etc.
1 decade ago (15.08.2010 09:23)
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