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rickc / 1 decade ago (27 December 2004 01:23)

First off, this is a fantastic program and I extend a heart-felt congratulations and thanks to the authors! My question is - have there been instructions posted on how to add subcategories to the news categories? I see it is possible with the gallery, but not the news or stories.

Thank you.


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1 decade ago (31.12.2004 07:00)
Reply by: onuzu

How did you create a sub category with gallery
1 decade ago (16.01.2005 11:20)
Reply by: polaris
Gallery -> Add gallery, then you chose which category you want to be root.

Ex: Gallery -> Add gallery - add gallery with name "Gallery one", then go to
Gallery -> Add gallery - add gallery with name "Gallery two" but before you click on submit button choose ´category´ to be "Gallery one"

By doing this, "gallery two" will be sub gallery of "gallery one".

This is not possible with news category.

1 decade ago (16.01.2005 09:26)
Reply by: nadgerry
thanx for that useful piece of info. I couldn´t figure it out either