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Gregor / 2 decades ago (01 April 2003 08:43)

If you need help, have any question, bug reports and anything else about phpNewsManager and phpWebMagazine goes here Happy

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2 decades ago (28.07.2003 02:29)
Reply by: luci
sk8: it´ll be probably possible in the next version of phpNewsManager and phpWebMagazine. if you like i can send you an updated code which allows to insert common html anchor tag as well as transforms correctly plain urls (with or without the specified protocol)...
2 decades ago (01.08.2003 08:28)
Reply by: sule

I´m waiting jump.php
2 decades ago (01.08.2003 07:32)
Reply by: MAHESH
How do I get phpnewsmanager on my homepage ???

Because no one is explaining it Sad
2 decades ago (03.08.2003 12:57)
Reply by: luci
mahesh: download phpWebMagazine and modify it to your needs...
see [LINK]
2 decades ago (04.08.2003 04:49)
Reply by: Paff

I´ve just installed NewsManager en NewsMagazine.
On the menu on the left in NewsMagazine there´s a vertical line. I want it more to the right. What do I have to change?
you can mail me at pardi_scheffer ! (without the space in front of the @)
2 decades ago (08.08.2003 03:45)
Reply by: ivgi
i installed the webmagazine script afew days ago.. everything worked fine.. but today the ScrollNews table just stopped of working.. why can it be? what code should i check?

i think it happened when i putted "breaking" news article..
2 decades ago (14.08.2003 12:30)
Reply by: jajtiii

I recently put PHP and MySQL on my webserver and have had some manner of luck creating simple membership-based systems as well as a forum.

But, I seem to be at an impasse with PhpNewsmanager (it was my goal to install and then open her up to see how it runs.)

Alas, I must have some kind of setting that is fouling me up. When I login, after a successful install, it simply refreshes the page. I believe it is getting screwed in some kind of INCLUDE that checks to see if I logged in correctly. Since NewsManager does not appear to use md5, I am able to doublechck both username and pw in the admin table, and I am inputting them correctly (plus, I´ve tried a couple of installs with the same results.)

I went in and turned my globals on, rebooted and continue to have the same problem. Since this is a test box, I have permissions set to max on every file (i.e. read, write, exectute, modify and the whole shebang,) so I am certain this is not the issue.

This leaves me with wondering what setting I need to tweak. I have php 4.3.2 and the latest version of MySQL. I am running this on a windows box....(but, php and mysql are running fine in all other scripts, both homemade and those I have downloaded for free.)

Thanks for reading this mess and thanks again if you happen to respond.
2 decades ago (14.08.2003 04:48)
Reply by: jajtiii
Ok, a slight update on this. I have poured through my ini file, testing a multitude of changes (until I actually broke php and had to restore the original=). No setting that I change fixes this.

My sessions are definitely working, with the simple scripts of my own, so I figured it must be something more complex.

In that vein, I decided to run a test on another news program, found here : [LINK]

This worked like a champ. Logging in fine and everything is a go. Moved on and tried another one and it worked too.

But, I want to use this news program and I am very curious as to why this is not working. So, still hoping for help out there.
2 decades ago (15.08.2003 01:34)
Reply by: Triple_NL

Installed phpnewsmanager 1.46 following the letter, all info is putted correctly in my database (ive checked it) did the CHMOD777 did the CHMOD666 and CHMOD644 for ( info insite is correct)

but i cant log in. Everytime the log in screen comes , i´ve put in the correct info (casesensitive of course)
and it only refreshed

i am going bonkers here

HELP me out please
2 decades ago (15.08.2003 04:37)
Reply by: Triple_NL
Istallation sucessfull

function: unsuccesfull

everytime i try to post a picture the box remains empty but the picture is in the right folder
also when i try to delete it very time i get an error and the picture remains precent
very frustrating
also the categorys are not linked if you post a story under category A and want to make a newsitem of it it will not link them together or even post it

also in the newsitem option pics added tot the story shows up like this [pic:] <- just the numbers
Also a lot of small runtime errors in every script that drive me crazy
can anyone help me out ??

2 decades ago (16.08.2003 12:56)
Reply by: Triple_NL
Again an update and hopefully a reply to it

Got the installation right, no problem
Got almost all the funtions working exept : public news adding to stories deleting pictures from newsitems:

everytime i want to use the publicnews-> pnews.php -> adding a article or changeing or even deleteting it creats an undefenite error and my browser shuts down also the scripts hangs.

I cant delete pictures who are oploaded thr newspix.php ( add picture at News) , it gives a runtime error

In story i get a error whilst typing my story into the box in line 37 "document.novica.message.value" is empty

Documents written in "story" cant be linked in "news" while you can select them their

i am going bananas here

Can anyone please help me out ??
2 decades ago (16.08.2003 07:15)
Reply by: Triple_NL
figure this one at
at the backoffice online is stated " like it should and the same link later on is stated as"[LINK]"

figure that one out............. what is wrong with this script ??
everytime another bug without changing it...........

can anyone help me out, it remains very quit here.............

2 decades ago (17.08.2003 12:36)
Reply by: Triple_NL
again its me..........with help from a few people i´ve managed most of the problems...... pbnews works fine, log in log out working properly

the only problem left is the add picture option at news and story and pnews. Adding the picture on news and pnews is no problem, after submitting selecting the picture, or deleting or even edditing gives a runtime error on lines 0 66 and 67 with an error called"object expected" whilst the picture is in the corect folder.

on story it is not possible to add a picture the screendump reeds
Warning: Unable to create ´/TwikiHeadshot.jpg´: Permission denied in
/home/.sites/50/site77/web/newman/stories.php on line 294

Warning: Unable to move ´/home/tmp/phpQB3oD7´ to ´/TwikiHeadshot.jpg´
in /home/.sites/50/site77/web/newman/stories.php on line 294

and a gid error on line 42.............

Please help me is the only step left to complete the site and getting it running
2 decades ago (19.08.2003 11:25)
Reply by: Triple_NL
still no reply............... WHY ??
but hej found serveral errors, alot of typos in the script, delet instead of delete -> cofrm in instead of confirm . Pitty cause the script still looks very promising.

Ow and a tip for the programmer-> when you use javacommands never use capital letters, IE60 and some other browsers have problems with that
(like the GID42 error and stuff like that)

IE60 is very casesensitive. Oew and try out CHMOD 755 for the picturefolders, cause 777 is very risky business

Keeping you updated

2 decades ago (19.08.2003 10:08)
Reply by: luci
> still no reply............... WHY ??
´cause everybody on vacation! Grin

but i promise i´ll look at it when i´ll find some free time Wink
thank you for your ´bug reports´ and suggestions!
(btw: newly you can submit bug reports at [LINK])