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Gregor / 2 decades ago (01 April 2003 08:43)

If you need help, have any question, bug reports and anything else about phpNewsManager and phpWebMagazine goes here Happy

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2 decades ago (20.08.2003 12:27)
Reply by: arhontas99
PhpNewsManager is a great piece of software and i am very glad i installed it on my server. In fact i completely erased my old site and my new one is based on WebMagazine. I have Newman 1.46 and Webmag 1.10

However there are some serious problem that have to be corrected : :dagger

1. When you install the scripts in different folders (you can´t put them in the same place) there is no way to succesfully use one and only configuration file, as there are different setting for the phpNewsManager and the WebMag because they lay in different folders.

Solution ==> You have to install the phpnewsManager first, install it automatically and then download the new in your pc. Upload the Webmag in your root in a folder and use the, changed to reflect the Webmag relative paths.

For example ./gfx/smileys/ has to be newman/gfx/smileys/ if the phpnewsmanager folder is newman. Then in your newman.lib file put the path to the new which you will place with the webmag. So you will have 2 file. One for the PhpNewsManager and one for the WebMagazine.

2. Scroller. The scroller is in a mess and when you have a lot of news it does not work. Just remove it from the Webmag´s index.php and you will save a lot of time and javascript errors.

3. openTimer javascript error. Remove the line where openTimer is in the newman_lib file.

4. Partner problems. First of all the jump.php that the partners script uses when you click on a partner does not exist in the WebMag 1.10. So you have to download WebMag 1.0 and use the jump.php from there.

Second, when you add a partner you cannot delete him. There is a type error in partners.php of the PhpNewsManager. Go to partner.php and replace the one instance of "parnter" with "partner". It is near the multidelete line.

5. If you need instuction for installing and using PhpNewsManager and Webmagazine in Greek just send an email.

That´s all for now Happy
I think PhpNewsManager is a great news script and i am sure a lot of people will appreciate your work.

Lefteris Rinos
2 decades ago (20.08.2003 07:46)
Reply by: Triple_NL
still figuring the picture problems out......

and what i was forgotten that its facation time :LOL:

i am trying to use another newsmanagerscript, just for the hell of it, and it also has alot of problems with picture posting....
believe it has to do with the register_global setting is on .

a lot of scripts are having problems with that, i believe that PHPnewsmanager has it also.....

it seems that i have to move to another server...............damned this was a nice deal Sad
2 decades ago (20.08.2003 08:33)
Reply by: luci
believe me, i´m using phpnewsman and phpwebmag with register globals off (didn´t u mean "off" instead "on"?)
just read my suggestion in this forum a page ago.
2 decades ago (21.08.2003 11:39)
Reply by: Gregor
phpWebMagazine v1.11 released with some FIXES !!! LOL LOL LOL

jump.php part fixed.
showscrollnews should be fixed
and more ...

Check [LINK]
2 decades ago (27.08.2003 10:23)
Reply by: remi
Hi all pros,

Can anyone show me how to disable the "User Comments" please?

All I want is that every new artical I posted, there will be no User Comments shows up therefore they cannot post their comments.

Thanks all in advance.

2 decades ago (30.08.2003 01:21)
Reply by: segdoune
Hi peeps.
Im trying to get the news scroller to work on another page. Ie my sites main page.
I am using the followin

cant get it to work at all. I have other includes working on the page so that part is ok.
Can any one help.
Keep smiling
2 decades ago (30.08.2003 01:22)
Reply by: segdoune
something went wrong woth the above.

the include statement is
Hope this works on the forum
Sorry Colin
2 decades ago (25.09.2003 06:26)
Reply by: sule
Hello gRAVE,

have you found why everybody can submit comments even they´re not as registered user ?

2 decades ago (06.11.2003 05:34)
Reply by: pablo
Hello, newbie on the block. I have phpNM and phpWM installed. I like it! I am currently tickering with it and I was writing a pretend article and wanted to include a pic. Everything worked fine during the upload of picture process. But, when I wanted to ´add picture´, a new window opened and the picture I uploaded was listed. I chose that picture and clicked on ´show´. Error: Line 42-Uknown column ´Gid´ in ´where clause´. WebMagazine index.php shows and gives the alt tag but picture is not visible. What can I do to correct this problem. Pictures are a big part of our media site.

I am not a programmer. I do have knowledge of web design, html, and some scripting in html but not php. Hey, I am willing to learn, Happy.
2 decades ago (06.12.2003 10:53)
Reply by: infernose
hi! i´m new here, have some questions regarding the installation of newsman1.46
my configuration is as follows:
- IIS 5.1
- PHP 4.3.4
- MySQL 4.016

When i tried to run install.php, i get the following error msg:
Notice: Undefined variable: action in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\project\newman\install.php on line 54
Notice: Undefined variable: action in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\project\newman\install.php on line 191

i tried to set the register_global_variables to "on" for PHP, but it still doesn´t work, does anyone know how to get around this?

thanks in advance!
2 decades ago (26.12.2003 04:09)
Reply by: pablo
Hello everyone,

Successfully installed with changes and let me tell you that it is a GREAT PROGRAM! Makes my life so much easier on writing articles and easier to put the articles in their proper categories where I can change so easily. Oh yeah, did I tell you that it is a GREAT PROGRAM!!

I do have one thing I need help on is how to put the newlist in its own table under another table with LATEST NEWS. Below is how I would like it to appear


then the newslist would go here -- the code in index.php is:

if(empty($newsgroup)) ShowBreakingNews("#D0C5DE","#D0C5DE",400);

but I am having difficulty seperating the coding for the SHOWBREAKINGNEWS and the SHOWNEWSLIST

Also, in the next version---I would like to see a related entry--where you can put links to another site, past article, or another web page at the bottom of the PREVIEW in the phpNewsManager and show as: RELATED LINKS: (similar to how the HEADLINES is the link on the index.php of WebMagazine).

I hope that someone out there could help me with this situation and it would undoubtedly be appreciated!

2 decades ago (28.12.2003 08:06)
Reply by: pablo
This forum is no help. Never get answers or even suggestions. But, it is still a great program!

Can´t say the same for the forum.
2 decades ago (30.12.2003 09:03)
Reply by: Rust
ok, been using newman for a couple of months.

There are some errors in the code, YES, so get your analyst hats on and take a look at the code, you can figure it out.

Notorious errors: "gid", (should be "id"), some spelling errors. Got the photo problem sorted out. There is a problem with the javascript showing the headlines, yes! The solution is: Whenever you write news, MAKE SURE YOU DON´T USE QUOTES " OR ´ IN YOUR HEADLINES, and MAKE SURE THAT THE PREVIEW DOESN´T USE QUOTES EITHER. Instead of the QUOTE character, use the "66" and "99" version (open and close quotes). Enter the quotes by holding down ALT and entering the appropriate number on the NUM-PAD. These would be ALT-0147 and ALT-0148 respectively, or THESE characters: “ (0147) and ” (0148). That solves that little problem.

One of these days I´m going to look at the "gallery" code (hey, I use phpGallery anyway, so I am in no rush),

The tough one was figuring out what was wrong with the news.rss file.

One last thing. I am NOT a programmer. But, if you stop being afraid of making horrible mistakes (backup the thing before you screw it up), you will be able to fix the damn stuff.

This is a very cool program, and if you REALLY want to use it, you will be able to fix the little errors. Consider it to be a very valuable tool to help you learn a little about PHP and MySQL. Just don´t give up because some little part is broken.
2 decades ago (31.12.2003 12:57)
Reply by: philo
Hi all, am installing phpnewsmanager but have failed to get it to work. I´ve created a mysql user for the newman database on the localhost. granting him/her privileges to select, insert, delete, update and create. But when I supply the mysql username and password in the install.php it returns with an empty form. I chmod to 666. Am running php 4.3.*, apache2 and mysql. This installation has worked for athe other modules I´ve tried out. What could my problem be? I´ve looked at the forum, and tried solutions suggested by other members but they dont seem to help me. Thx and Happy new year.
2 decades ago (23.04.2004 04:39)
Reply by: HigHVoltag3
newman_lib.php ERRORS HELP!!!

I´m getting the following error when I Log In as a registered user:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ideartte/public_html/frontera/index.php:2) in /home/ideartte/public_html/frontera/newman_lib.php on line 39

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ideartte/public_html/frontera/index.php:2) in /home/ideartte/public_html/frontera/newman_lib.php on line 40

And this one when trying to vote on the poll:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ideartte/public_html/frontera/index.php:2) in /home/ideartte/public_html/frontera/newman_lib.php on line 31

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/ideartte/public_html/frontera/index.php:2) in /home/ideartte/public_html/frontera/newman_lib.php on line 32

The problem is with the set "setcookie" code in the newman_lib.php file Help please :-(