phpNewsManager & phpWebMagazine Quoestions

Gregor / 2 decades ago (01 April 2003 08:43)

If you need help, have any question, bug reports and anything else about phpNewsManager and phpWebMagazine goes here Happy

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2 decades ago (28.06.2003 06:19)
Reply by: sk8
how i make one hiperlink on phpnewsmanager?

2 decades ago (02.07.2003 05:42)
Reply by: bmarkham
I´m having troubles with Webmagazine. Most functions seem to work okay - but I have the following three problems:

1) The partners list doesn´t work right. Specifically, clicking on a partner generates a call to ./jump.php which doesn´t exist. This file is
also nonexistent in the "newman" subdirectory ... help!

2) The random news box works fine when there is just one article in the database. When you add more than one article - it stops functioning.

3) While uploaded articles appear just fine, and in their assigned categories - uploaded pictures aren´t displayed with the article.

Any help would be appreciated!

2 decades ago (02.07.2003 02:28)
Reply by: segdoune
Hi Peeps.
Just installed both script sets and am having problems with WebMagazine reconising the MYSQL settings. IE it wont login to the database.
having lots of error messages like the following.
Warning: Access denied for user: ´apache@localhost´ (Using password: NO) in /home/httpd/vhosts/ on line 24.

The database is set up and the is populated properly.
I have moved a copy of the in to the Webmagazine folder but still no joy.
Any and al help will be greatly apreaciated.
Keep smiling.
2 decades ago (03.07.2003 02:54)
Reply by: segdoune
Hi again.
Managed to get a fix for my first hickup. I put both set of scripts in to the same folder and it work first go.

Everything seems to be going ok apart from the Scrollnews section.
It wont scroll though the news items.
Does anyone have any fix´s for this or has the same problems.
Love the scripts and would really like to see it running at its fullest.
Keep smiling
2 decades ago (03.07.2003 03:27)
Reply by: segdoune
Hello again.
At the top of the news page I have the following
"1. Januar 1970, 00:59"
does anyone know how to get rid of this date.
2 decades ago (04.07.2003 10:25)
Reply by: sule
hello there,
I have installed newsmanager & webmagazine, everything seems OK, but I have problem with users management, after signing-up, user can not access to newsmanager at all for add news or something.
The other thing, I am new with PHP, and I can not load jpg files from database, even the files are there.
Helps from you would make me smile :smile:
2 decades ago (04.07.2003 10:32)
Reply by: jowa
segdoune: Hia,
I experienced the 1970-date to appear, if no "Breaking News"
are declared. Set one of your articles to it, and it will be there
instead. Happy fishing :-)
2 decades ago (04.07.2003 09:35)
Reply by: M
I have tested some with the phpWebMagazine script...

I have successfully used this code lines different places:

include ("newman_lib.php"); (don´t mind the smiley - it´s this message board´s fault Wink )



But I wonder, is it possible to show different categories in "one place"? Can I somehow view both category ID 1 and 2, and not just id 1?
2 decades ago (11.07.2003 03:36)
Reply by: Vozzie
gRAVE, do you already have an solution for the inlog problem?
2 decades ago (19.07.2003 03:52)
Reply by: quiksilver
Okay this will make me look stupid but i can´t take it anymore!! I cannot figure out how to include this into my website Sad i want to just include the news articles into the Body part of the website, yah know?

I saw something like this:

How to use example frontend:

1.) edit newman_lib.php where appear:

$admin_email = "[email protected]" rel=nofollow target=_blank>[LINK]";
include "../newman/";

But if that is it, i have never heard it from any other script call it a "frontend"

and also i couldnt find that file with the newest script i downloaded.

What file do i need to include into my pages for my public news!? Happy
2 decades ago (23.07.2003 08:08)
Reply by: ssttc
As you said,
"We included an example script how can you integrate it into your webpage. "

What is the script?
Where is it?
How to find?
I want to know.
Thanls a lot!
2 decades ago (23.07.2003 08:44)
Reply by: focus

I´ve just successfully installed NewsManager.

I´m probably being very stupid but I can´t work out how to include news headlines on a web page.

I´ve read other similar requests to this on other posts but I can´t find the answer.

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me simply how to include the headlines on a page

Thanks very much in anticipation

2 decades ago (24.07.2003 10:19)
Reply by: luci
hello all,
here´s quick hack/fix for the apache web server when register_globals is set to Off in php.ini:

create .htaccess file in the same folder as phpNewsManager (newman) containing
php_value register_globals 1

alternatively (if u don´t use apache or your webhosting provider doesn´t allow .htaccess files) u can put the following piece of code at the beginning of changelang.php, functions.php, header.php, index.php and login.php files (right after the comment block):

if (!$PHP_SELF) {
if ($_REQUEST) extract($_REQUEST);
if ($_SESSION) extract($_SESSION);
if ($_SERVER) extract($_SERVER);

2 decades ago (25.07.2003 04:03)
Reply by: Lara Jade
Can you have the news show up on your website by using php include or SSI include. If so, How.
2 decades ago (25.07.2003 10:03)
Reply by: luci
Lara: try this
include ("newman_lib.php");

for more have a look into index.php of phpWebMagazine