phpNewsManager & phpWebMagazine Quoestions

Gregor / 2 decades ago (01 April 2003 08:43)

If you need help, have any question, bug reports and anything else about phpNewsManager and phpWebMagazine goes here Happy

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2 decades ago (22.05.2003 05:43)
Reply by: arun
You can email me at [LINK]. Thanks.
2 decades ago (27.05.2003 03:05)
Reply by: shifty
phpNewsManager and phpWebMagazine don´t work together!

The recommended installation of NewsManager seems to be one directory deeper than WebMagazine in a directory named ´newman´.

WebMagazine has problems if it is not installed in the same directory as WebMagazine. Images that can be previewed while making an article in NewsManager can´t be seen when looking at the same article in WebMagazine.

In WebMagazine paths to items such as subscribe.php are incorrect.

Install both NewsManager and WebMagazine in the same directory and you can´t access NewsManager.

Change the paths on setup and there are even more problems. It seems NewsManager and WebMagazine really need to exist in the same directory.

Why aren´t these programs packaged as one system that is ready to run after on installation?

2 decades ago (27.05.2003 03:56)
Reply by: Gregor
phpNewsManager and phpWebMagazine should work Happy All you have to do in phpWebMagazine is to correct path where appears. And if you write in paths like ./ then of course won´t work Happy You have to use full paths.

Or use second solution copy into phpWebMagazine folder and edit path as should be.

They´re seperated project Happy
2 decades ago (27.05.2003 03:58)
Reply by: Gregor
arun: your problem is that you havent write right information (username, password or database name) into your (or during install). Check also if you setup permission to 666 during installation, otherwise will be empty.
2 decades ago (28.05.2003 12:01)
Reply by: daffy
I have installed
phpNewsManager Version: 1.45
phpWebMagazine Version: 1.10

both are working good, but when i add a partner with picture, it wont show up at the left on the main window. Also the link isn´t correct. It referrer to jump.php which doesn´t exist!

This problem is found also in the demo! OhWell

Take a look at the add at bottom left here: [LINK]

Here it is correct, but i can´t get it to work with my webmag Sad

correct: index.php?action=jump&id=
incorrect: jump.php?id=

But i don´t think i have a function named jump!

Any ideas??
2 decades ago (28.05.2003 01:35)
Reply by: ohara
Can someone please tell me how i can make news created in PHP News Manager visible on my website?!?!? is there some kind of tutorial?
2 decades ago (28.05.2003 02:58)
Reply by: bugzlitey
Wow grave, I don´t know how you do it!.....But ur doing it!... :smile:
2 decades ago (28.05.2003 06:18)
Reply by: zomby
I posted earlier, in the wrong place it seems...sorry...further to that post (thing about install.php not going thru and just appearing to refresh the page) it because you *have* to use a dbase called "newman" ? I have to use my username as my dbase name on my host´s mysql server. That´s the only thing I can come up with that would be screwing this up for me
2 decades ago (31.05.2003 11:07)
Reply by: jowa
Hia, thanks for developing this nice application!
I am running the newman 1.45 and have the problem that when trying to pass
articles from the ´public news´ area to the news I get "myError1" on that page
with no result... The installation proceeded without failures and was made according
to the instructions (div. chmods). Also the newman-MySQL-database seems fine.
Help is very appreciated - thanks in advance!
2 decades ago (31.05.2003 04:45)
Reply by: Gregor
jowa: I´ll check pnews.php file, whats wrong
2 decades ago (31.05.2003 04:57)
Reply by: jowa
gRAVE: Thanks a lot! It must be the line >> mysql_query("INSERT INTO ".$GLOBALS[´db_news´]." ... << which is in the submitNews-section of pnews.php. Yes, I know that you know where to look for it :-). I already (unsucessfully) tried to omitt some variables...
2 decades ago (02.06.2003 11:25)
Reply by: Vozzie
I can log in without registering. Just fill in a username and a password and you can reply on messages.

Anybody an idea?
2 decades ago (02.06.2003 05:25)
Reply by: buffon
I have gone through the installation process and ensured all the relevant files have the correct permissions. When I get to the final page it comes with a message saying install succesfully (or something along those lines) Then it lists what is below::::

Creating Tables:
admin ...No Database Selected
groups...No Database Selected
news_comments...No Database Selected
news_logged...No Database Selected
partners...No Database Selected
pnews...No Database Selected
story...No Database Selected
smileys...No Database Selected
news...No Database Selected
news_pics...No Database Selected
topic...No Database Selected
users...No Database Selected
WeekA...No Database Selected
weekQ...No Database Selected
rss...No Database Selected
pictures...No Database Selected
gallery...No Database Selected
weather...Filling Data into Tables:
..No Database Selected................................................

Everything seems to go OK it just does not seem to create the database! Any ideas????

2 decades ago (07.06.2003 04:17)
Reply by: kreLLedk
Please need help

I have installed phpnewsmanager, and want to install webmagazine to, but when i´ll run the install file from webmagazine i get this:

Warning: Unable to access ./web/newman/ in /customers/ on line 7

Fatal error: Failed opening required ´./web/newman/´ (include_path=´.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php/PEAR´) in /customers/ on line 7

I have set the direction right, whats wrong ?
Any answers would help, post them here or send them to [LINK]
2 decades ago (07.06.2003 09:44)
Reply by: Gregor
kreLLedk: use full paths not ./xxx/xxx

because webmagazine and newman are in different path and this cause a problem if you use . in paths