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Scarebear / 2 decades ago (06 January 2003 11:19)

We are playing with the idea of taking Skinbase to the next level. Skinbase v3. But before we get really ´into´ it, we´d like to hear what the active Skinbase members would like to see in the next version of Skinbase. Any ideas at all. We will try to put together the best site we can using the best ideas (workable) provided by you.

This will probably be a radical change in site design as well, so go wild Happy

If you find it best to sketch design ideas etc, please don´t upload them. Just email them to an admin. Preferably gRAVE as he´ll be coding the site of course Wink

Let the suggestions flow!

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2 decades ago (06.01.2003 11:23)
Reply by: Scarebear
I´d like to see the last 5 news headlines returned to every page for example. So I know I haven´t missed anything. And it would be good if I could choose which sections to have open (or some other technique that allowed me to view the site faster).

And there are more features I´d like to add to the site, but gRAVE knows about them Wink
2 decades ago (06.01.2003 11:26)
Reply by: Travelian
I´d like to see private messages on the site...it would make things easier than having all the messages go into a users email when they wish to contact another skinbase member. Maybe the ability to edit comments and forums posts would be a nice touch as well Happy

Other than that I really like Skinbase´s features. As for a new look...I´ll leave that to the other members.
2 decades ago (06.01.2003 11:46)
Reply by: Snowman
(if you visited our irc channel you´d know the whole story, the full story and nothing but the story :P)

User customized layout, much like the one they got on AU, where you can "shuffle" the various parts/tables around as you like! That would be just grooOOoovey!! I guess that requires a hell of alot of coding, but I know that G-man could pull it of!

I´ll come back when/if I remember more....
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 12:24)
Reply by: peanut779
An all-in-one profile page... all the different bits amalgamated. Wink
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 12:40)
Reply by: JamesT
I like the idea that WC has for being able to see when you have new comments on your personal skins that haven´t been read instead of just new comments for the day.
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 01:20)
Reply by: Elwin
Naked women.
Better drugs.

Did I say naked women?
Yeah, lots of those.
And more drugs.
and booze, of course...
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 03:36)
Reply by: Koasati
Visible emoticons...... ;P LOL
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 04:01)
Reply by: BruB
A better skinnability engine. Right now we don,t really know how to skin the site.

I have more, i´ll come back!
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 04:04)
Reply by: BruB
Things NOT to get rid of:
Personnal Emoticons
Chat box
Choice in type of menu (old list or folder menu)

Possibility to change the amount of recent upload on hte main page
Give the admins a raise Happy
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 04:07)
Reply by: BruB
hey I have more....

-Automatic signature on msg posts
-A birthday box (We all entered a Birthdate, why not show today´s birthday)
-A better Basehead information, I sadly have to agree with SnowDude that AU hit the jackpot with their system. Would be hard to do better
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 04:09)
Reply by: BruB
Remove the unusable Site Design!
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 05:32)
Reply by: Travelian
I really like the personal pages on DeviantART...I think they more or less hit exactly what I like over there.
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 05:55)
Reply by: Scarebear
Some cool ideas. I like the birthday idea of BruB´s. And raises!?! You need a starting salary before you get a raise Wink

Visible emoticons!?! Get some glasses Wink

Personal messages we used to have. Hopefully they could come back.

User pages is something we have spoken a lot about. Hopefully we can really improve on those.

And I think v3 will end up with us removing all current site designs Happy (CLUE!) Grin

Keep them coming folks...
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 08:10)
Reply by: Snowman
hrm... no matter what´s done don´t get rid of the Sputnik site skin puuurrrrrrrrleeez!

I kinda like the B-day box too, but.... that like you know... requires folks to actually type in their date of birth... and from what I´ve seen so far not alot have done that!!

On the (maybe) new personal pages, we should have a a journal/news kinda thingy (AU/DA styleish)
2 decades ago (07.01.2003 10:06)
Reply by: PK
You can type in your date of birth?
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