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BruB / 2 decades ago (01 June 2002 01:08)

There as been a few weeks of problems over at DeviantArt. That gave for a mass Banning and Quiting on the site. It's like 3 groups now. The one, the one against and the one that don't give a d*mn about it.

You can see a part o the story on Fangedfem Devart page I counted at least 12 new members from DA now at Velocity Art. I'm not one to vouch for another site over Skinbase and people here will now i'm a real Skinbase member. But things will change pretty quick over at VA. I know alot of people don't like DA for the sake of hating DA. But You can see something in the future just seeing this!

Just thought I would share that with you guys.

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2 decades ago (01.06.2002 01:47)
Reply by: Scarebear
From what I read, there were a lot of differing opinions on why the members were banned. I´m not going to pretend to know the whole story. But if the art WAS either a rip or offensive by deviantART´s standards, then they (the admins) are entitled to remove the works involved.

deviantART has the very cool ´report a rip´ feature that appears with each uploaded piece of work. If someone uses that and the admins are then made aware of it, they have to act.

Each site will differ in what it allows and users have to realise that I think.

Again, I don´t know the whole story, but that´s my opinion :sb
2 decades ago (03.06.2002 09:24)
Reply by: craeonics
Note that it is bad practice to discuss the going ons of skinsite A on skinsite B. But anyway, VelovityArt is a good place... at the moment. ?me hopes the new breed of DevArt exiles won´t fuck things up.
2 decades ago (03.06.2002 11:17)
Reply by: BruB
Sorry Crae I don´t think is a bad practice, DeviantArt is the biggest site of the art/skin community and I think it´s a subject of conversation. And looking at what happening at Velocity art. The ex-DA are not completely in yet! I don´t know how Federal is going to handle them.
2 decades ago (03.06.2002 04:40)
Reply by: sed
So no one gets MAD at us BASEHEADS .... They make it VERY CLEAR that it is spelled
DeviantART...!! ... And WE don´t need any of the banned RIP artists Do We?
2 decades ago (03.06.2002 04:44)
Reply by: sed
Yeah one more, It was only 2 that were banned and they happened to have a large following. If the following goes somewhere THEY are OK Just not the 2, I hate opinions but theres more to it, I´m sure.
2 decades ago (03.06.2002 06:47)
Reply by: Elwin
One of the reasons that there ARE places like Skinbase and Velocity is that some folks didn´t feel comfortable at one site or another. It´s not that big of a deal at all. If you´re an old geezer like some, you´ll remember that it´s happened before, and will happen again.

And while I´m in NO WAY condoning ripping, lets just say that not everyone that´s now an ´accepted´ member of the skinning community started out ´lily white´.
(Oh, I could tell you some great stories)

Mistakes in judgement and perception can change with time, nuturing, and most of all, forgiveness...

/me crawls off soapbox now, and hangs up preacher hat.

2 decades ago (03.06.2002 10:48)
Reply by: Doreen
yeah! yeah! listen to Mr. Jingle Bells! hehe
like he said no one really starts out lily white & usually a little smack on the hand does the trick if not well then let loose Jafo at em!!! =)

2 decades ago (03.06.2002 11:57)
Reply by: Scarebear
...what they said Wink
2 decades ago (04.06.2002 12:36)
Reply by: moshi
SkinBase and LotsOfSkins are the places where the love is. but i also like DeviantArt because of all the great skinners from different communities there (i´m a Linux man also and some day i will start skinning *nix window managers).
2 decades ago (04.06.2002 09:26)
Reply by: chichigirl46
I´m not ignoring any one, just trying to keep my mouth shut untill this medicene is out of my system, I seem to come accross wrong :-( So I´ll just listen for now :-)
2 decades ago (04.06.2002 09:34)
Reply by: craeonics
Worry not, this place is Chichi-proof.
2 decades ago (05.06.2002 08:51)
Reply by: chichigirl46
lol lol lol now that was funny :-) I guess thats better then being a skinned bunny lol
2 decades ago (05.06.2002 10:18)
Reply by: craeonics
/me sends the /me /me /me /me at chichi
2 decades ago (05.06.2002 08:45)
Reply by: chichigirl46
okay....... /craeonics: you made me laugh again, today I´m feeling better then I have in the past 3 months, I also go back to the Doctors today and hoping for better news :-) The medicene just added to my depression and now wore off he hee. Poor /hobnobber: is now probably limping instead of me from stomping on his foot just for looking @ me lol ....... I feel like I have been out of touch with reality and my baseheads here, but I´m back lol lol lol
2 decades ago (06.06.2002 03:12)
Reply by: Doreen
Feel better chichigirl =)
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