WhopSee is a free CD Player with cddbp support. It can be displayed in 3 different ´states´.

The GUI for WhopSee is completely skinnable. Own skins can be generated with the SkinGenerator that is included in the WhopSee download.

WhopSee can be controlled in three ways : through the GUI by pressing the buttons, by keyboard or by the a menu that can be put in the systray. For users with multiple CDROMs, WhopSee can access all of them by a simple dropdown list.
For those people (like me) that don´t like to have a lot of programs in the taskbar, WhopSee can be removed from the taskbar and put into the systray.

WhopSee has cddbp support integrated into it. When a CD is put into the CDROM, WhopSee will connect to the online CD database (default this is freedb.org) and download title, artist name and track listing. This information is also put into the registry so the next time the CD is used, data can be obtained from the registry. For cddbp to work, a working connection to the internet is needed.

To make WhopSee as easy to use as possible, an HTML help file is included in the setup