-The player supports drag and drop you can drag mp3 songs in it but also your playlist can be dragged into the player. Other files wich are not .mp3 or .plf will be ignored by the player.
- A playlist with all sorts of options like moving songs deleting songs.
- It features a big skineditor so you can change the look of the player instantly. If you close the skineditor it will then repaint the player with all your changes.
- The player comes with an ID3 editor currently only v1.
- The playlist uses the ID3 information for the songs and if no tag has been found then the player will use the filename of the song.
- You can resize the playlist with the two up and down buttons. The player will also reposition itself.
- If you would load many mp3 files in the player or a big playlist then you will see a panel come up wich shows the progress of the songs that are beeing added.