Full Motion Video

FMV Viewer is the only viewer you need supporting all streaming and local formats from Microsoft, Apple, RealMedia, DivX and ShoutCast IceCast. Additionally, the player supports MP3´s with an ID3 Tag editor and CD-Audio with CDDB support with video to music visualisations - over 60 formats in all.

Advanced Zooming with reduced pixelation to 1000% with pan controls, variable slow motion, reverse play, frame by frame advance and quick access memo points are just a few of the features. Set your movies up to play the way you want and FMV will always play them that way.

The player is also uniquely skinnable, any Jpeg, GIF or BMP can be used. CD-Audio to WAV conversions, visualisations, a full remote control and a great interface make this the only player you´ll ever need.