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Birthday: November 24, 1965
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Well here I am ... Well I have been doing a lot of Icon Development over the past year and I have to say that I have achieved a lot.. I am still learning the basics on building Themes.. I will admit they are hard to do..But i will not give up on learning How to Develop Themes. Over the past year I have had to send my Laptops back and forth to get fixed because I have Crashed the Hard drives big time just from doing so much Editing Icons/png's/bmp's. what a lot of people don't know is that every time you delete something off your Hard Drive you take a Layer of its Skin off and you can only do that so many times before the Hard Drive becomes unstable and then it Crashes.. In about a Year I have gone through about 4 laptops.. Now I am sending my HP with Windows7 in to be fixed for the 3rd time this year and my other HP finely hit the point of no return and I had to get another laptop and this Laptop is made by Dell and its the (Inspiron M5030 running Windows7 64bit with a 450GB hard drive) and Guess what? After having it for 16 days the Damned hard Drive Crashed on Me, So they sent out a Tech to replace the Hard Drive and that was on December 8th 2010. I Honestly dont think that This Dell will Hold up for whats in store for it when I unleash my wrath upon it .. Well I have been making a lot of different Icon's over the past 4 months.. I will be posting them here pretty soon.. I would like to take a moment to than all of you for Down Loading the things that I have Up loaded here on Skinbase and for all the Awesome Comments that all of you have sent me.. Thank you so Much.. Thanks again all of you .. ~TripleDuce~ [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] http://towmaster.wincustomize.com/



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