Welcome to the new version of Skinbase!

Gregor / 8 years ago (23 December 2011 08:48)

We have just finished the new version of Skinbase. Please share with us your opinion about new look Happy

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8 years ago (23.12.2011 08:06)
Reply by: teddybearcholla
I think it is beautiful and once most of the bugs are killed, it will be a killer site!!! clap clap Cool Cool Congratulation
8 years ago (24.12.2011 12:04)
Reply by: ~TripleDuce~
Who Ever Made These Changes To The Site I have to Say it Really SuckĀ“s!! I Do Not Like It At All !!

The Site Back To The Way It Was!!

This Look Is Ugly As Hell.. What Got Into Your Head To DO This? Are You Smoking Crack Or Something?

put The Site Back The Way It Was Please
8 years ago (24.12.2011 10:54)
Reply by: etype2
The site looks great! Better organized and nice new features. I can now view the site on my iPhone without conflict. The right margin used to overlap the artwork, now it works perfectly. Happy A w a r d clap clap
8 years ago (26.12.2011 09:53)
Reply by: Mitsubishiman
The only issue I have is the combining of the featured work into one catagory, I like the previous version better...
8 years ago (27.12.2011 09:16)
Reply by: sed
Nice new work to learn the different locations of things -- very attrative A w a r d