Wanna toot your own horn? You decide...

ladyhawk / 1 decade ago (02 September 2010 05:29)

What you want to feature, when you want to feature it! Try creating your own website! It's fast, easy, and most importantly free. But you always have the option on upgrading for more and fabulous options. The main thing, is to have fun and enjoy what you do, and YOU are in complete control of how and what's displayed. Shine your own light and start a site of your own! And Yola makes it easy to with access to hundreds of free widgets and gizmos to help dress up your site. Lots of different themes and formats to work with. Go to Yola's Site Builder at this link: [LINK] ! Enjoy!

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1 decade ago (02.09.2010 03:09)
Reply by: sed
Good information !!!! A lot of people would like to start their own for MANY things clap
1 decade ago (03.09.2010 03:55)
Reply by: mickeblue
Link doesn´t work... though strangely when I copied and pasted it this page opened this page on my machine ~ [url][LINK][/url], so it could have been a lot worse clap LOL
1 decade ago (04.09.2010 05:43)
Reply by: ladyhawk
Weird....hmmmm! Well, let´s try it again...
The link is: [url][LINK][/url] . Or just highlight this (copy and paste): [LINK]