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Water Fun

Water Fun

Featured on: 28 June, 2010


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Birthday: January 03, 1969
Country: United States   United States
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I dabble with some of everything, despite the tendency to do allot of Fractal and 3D stuff, but believe one can excel greatly in all they attempt. Oh.....all my submissions ARE MINE AND ORIGINAL!!!! NO matter where I submit, my personal site "" or at other sites, anything with MY name on it was made by ME and only ME! But my true supporters and source of encouragement is what keeps me know who you are, since I've discussed this specifically with you upon bringing comments to my attention.... Also, an appeal.... At one time, we were all artists with the same interests and common make art, share them, and support or encourage each other along the way. I know this, because it's been the support and encouragement of my friends here and at other sites that has now encouraged me to have my own site. Now, I know there have been times when some haven't seen things eye to eye, or even disagreed. But the true definition in being an artist and sharing the same interests or goals are still the foundation for us all. The size and popularity of a site is irrelevant and unimportant....almost meaningless. But.....I would hope that if I were opening myself, heart, time and money to all others who shared the same interests in art, creating it, and sharing it with others AND paying out of my pocket to provide a website for everyone to share their work at......that if I were in trouble, my friends would do whatever they could to help. Especially, if all I was asking for was.....well....."give me a reason to keep scrounging for money to keep it going and up for you to submit your work"...bottom line, by simply submitting to my site. If that's all ANY of my friends here at Basehead, over at ArtNSkins, Skinbase, or ANY other site was asking for....a reason to keep struggling to pay to have a site up for all to use and share, then I would give my last red penny and submit my art in support! But if all I was being asked to do was submit my work to keep it going, and worthy of all the financial effort, well....that's a no brainer! Duh! F.Y.I.......we have a friend, or fellow artist (seeing eye to eye or no), who has struggled for us or so we could have, who makes only that simple request.... please submit. I won't pretend to know the goings-on between people or the dynamics or make up of anyone's relationships at all our sites (BH, SB, WB, ANS, and any others). I can only appeal to the artist within ALL of us by asking for anyone to do the same I'm willing to do for another artist.....even if it means making an outcast of myself with you. Remember!?



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