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adni18 / 1 decade ago (10 July 2007 06:49)

Please upload again your avatars/personal icons, some of them have been lost during the last server crash of Skinbase.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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1 decade ago (14.07.2007 07:24)
Reply by: etype2
Well then...try this. If you previously uploaded a jpg avatar,change it to a gif or vice versa. Png should work to. You could also make it 49x49 pixels. Changing the name,the format and the size might fool the server. Every time I uploaded an avatar or personal photo,it did not show up until the second or third try using the above described procedure. If this still does not help,then I´m at a loss. Happy
1 decade ago (18.07.2007 05:22)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
Tried renaming and different formats but stiil no luck, oh well..
1 decade ago (18.07.2007 07:57)
Reply by: kchristine
I finally got one to upload by changing to a .gif. It went up the first time I tried. Sorry you guys are having such a problem. I know how irritating that can be. Booming love
1 decade ago (18.07.2007 08:56)
Reply by: Richard Mohler
Changed it to a Gif and it worked. Temperamental I guess.. Happy
1 decade ago (19.07.2007 01:34)
Reply by: kchristine
HOORAY Richard! Booming love
1 decade ago (21.07.2007 02:01)
Reply by:
I see two other members that display as a red "x" Auline´s and Kenneths... all others seem fine. Thanks for putting my picture on mine. I still an unable to change it, but at least I have something up now. Grin
1 decade ago (18.07.2007 12:20)
Reply by: adni18
Personal icon and 50x50 pixels Fred! It took me 10 seconds to change your avatar!
1 decade ago (17.07.2007 06:12)
Reply by: adni18
Fred and Richard I have update your avatars/personal icons for testing purposes without problem!
1 decade ago (17.07.2007 09:49)
Reply by:
Nikos... I have been updating the first option "personal icon" all the time... I just tried again, and the one that you folks uploaded is still there. My picture has always been there, I have not touched it. This has turned into a mystery that I am no longer interested in exploring. Thanks for the help, but I DO give up!! Running
1 decade ago (17.07.2007 09:51)
Reply by:
For the record... I do not like this Avatar! Makes me look like a demon. Not a good selection at all! Angry
1 decade ago (17.07.2007 10:03)
Reply by:
With all due respect, I was happier with no avatar than this hideous one chosen by you guys. Can you delete it please? Because I cannot! Thanks.
1 decade ago (17.07.2007 05:20)
Reply by:
I believe that it is Richard. They are both the same thing. Another thing that is the same is that both yours and mine seem to not want to display here. I see a red "x" on both of ours... what you say?
1 decade ago (17.07.2007 05:52)
Reply by: adni18
Gregor and me made some test changing avatars/personal icons and there was NO PROBLEM at all!!!
I wonder why this is happening to you?
1 decade ago (15.07.2007 11:14)
Reply by: etype2
The key word was temporally...to test. Happy
1 decade ago (15.07.2007 11:16)
Reply by: etype2
...and Gregor and team are trying to resolve. Happy
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