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etype2 / 1 decade ago (20 June 2007 03:51)

Your favorite browser and why?

Internet Explorer 7,Firefox 2.0.1,Safari 3.0.1,Opera 9, other...

Tell us what you like best and the bad to. Happy

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1 decade ago (01.09.2007 05:13)
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A note on privacy. Every single browser shares one common flaw. Passwords, user names, and other information are all stored in windows files that a hacker can get to. I am behind a firewall, have strong security software, and still, I had a credit card number stolen some time ago. While I do not know how this happened, ( I lean toward a dishonest on-line merchant) I now take extra precautions. I recommend an eraser program that wipes out and overwrites any data that a hacker could get to. I use Window Washer. It does not seem to recognize Safari but works with Firefox and IE. If you ever sell a PC, a complete wipe of your hard drive is recommended (strongly) ID thieves will get to data even if you think it is deleted as any undelete software can restore it. If you pay bills, shop on-line, do your taxes on-line.... The only safe way is to wipe it clean. Any data is then unusable. A re-format will NOT do it. I know this is a bit off-subject but very well worth mentioning. Happy Each time I visit my bank, or any sensitive site of that nature, I wash my tracks. There is nothing left to get to.
1 decade ago (01.09.2007 06:33)
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You´re right Fred. For that I use a app - free - and recognizes in my case either browser I use or used - which is Clean Cache 3.5. Besides cleaning internet traces, it cleans - erases, scrubs, whatever you want - also the all system and you can even tell it o clean specific files you want. The panoplia of features and options is soooo big, only seen. You can even tell it to clean the system every x minutes. Nice ? Yes it is. Now a "classic" as it is no longer developed and ended at version 3.5. You can still download it at majorgeeks. [LINK] or read the Softpedia review here: [LINK] A w a r d
1 decade ago (02.09.2007 01:08)
Reply by: etype2
Your right Fred,and very strong point you make. Always watch your back. I donate my old computers,before I do though,I clean the system and remove all hard drives,keep them and inventory them. Happy clap
1 decade ago (02.09.2007 10:53)
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Good call Marshall. Great idea! Congratulation Happy
9 years ago (31.07.2010 11:39)
Reply by: shamik.mitra
[b]Firefox[/b] rocks !!
9 years ago (21.07.2010 05:46)
Reply by: roben_83_taylor
Firefox still the best too much addons you can install and theme to choose from. My fav is green shadow firefox, clash of human and horde (WOW) theme and their [url=[LINK]]warcraft gold[/url] logo.
9 years ago (13.09.2010 04:51)
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