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etype2 / 1 decade ago (20 June 2007 03:51)

Your favorite browser and why?

Internet Explorer 7,Firefox 2.0.1,Safari 3.0.1,Opera 9, other...

Tell us what you like best and the bad to. Happy

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1 decade ago (22.06.2007 11:35)
Reply by: mickeblue
Safari? Well I downloaded the beta, but it was all in Russian, or something similar, and I couldn´t find a way to change the language settings. They reckoned it was super fast... well it was in a way, I kept it for about 20 minutes! LOL
1 decade ago (17.08.2007 11:36)
Reply by: Captain America
I like peanut butter and jelly.
1 decade ago (18.08.2007 02:41)
Reply by: Captain America
1 decade ago (25.08.2007 04:18)
Reply by: randomdude
I´ve used Firefox for... I think 4 years or something...

Why have I used it?

Doesn´t crash as often as Internet Explorer.
Is more secure. With Internet Explorer you shouldn´t "explore too much".
Pages open like 100% faster.

Well basically I like it and I can do nothing, but recommend it. Happy clap

I have also tried Opera, I wasn´t very satisfied. Sad
1 decade ago (26.08.2007 01:02)
Reply by: Jadoo
Firefox! ... I´m feeling very comfortable with it. Adjusted with some good extensions and a nice theme, it´s a nice and secure way to run through the internet.

Testing Opera as well sometimes, but still can´t say that it is better or not. But I like to make comparisons between Firefox, Opera and IE ... specially because of my website so I can see if pages and scripts work fine or not.

By the way: My website statistics say, that 66,2% of all the visitors until now used Internet Explorer ... 28.7% Firefox ... hmmm OhWell
1 decade ago (26.08.2007 07:42)
Reply by: clwoods
I have to say FireFox all the way!! Grin
1 decade ago (30.08.2007 12:17)
Reply by: kitbormi
FIREFOX.......!!! FIREFOX.......!!! FIREFOX.......!!! FIREFOX.......!!! FIREFOX.......!!!
(compared to everything else i´ve used ---> aol open ride, all aol softwares, opera, all ie versions, netscape, Avant 11, ICab, 3SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Galeon 2.0, Camino)
nothing can beat FIREFOX.....yet !!!
1 decade ago (30.08.2007 03:56)
Reply by:
Ok...my experience and voting goes to Opera. I am a tester, I love to test and I have on my company computer, Opera9, Firefox 2 and IE7 ( and almost every variation of browsers which rely on the IE engine ) - allways testing them. And when I speak about testing it´s really a test I make on the long run (Firefox for 2 years, IE7 also or almost and Opera for the last 4 years. Why Opera? Well, first because of safety and privacy. Second because of SPEED in such a way that my wife, a Firefox user, and Francisco my eldest son - he´s is finising next year his gradutation on computing, communication and multimedia - who is also a Firefox user does admit that Opera is a better written program ( in 1998 Opera already have tabbed browing...) and in terms of speed, is unbeatable ( these are his words, not mine - being that the only thing he likes in Firefox are the add-ons. The problem is that Firefox just eats resources as hell - and the more addons you have, worst is the case - and also the problem is that most of Opera users do not know exactly what this browser does as they do not know its full potential. My wife, just switched to Opera, Francisco is on the move and I have unninstalled Firefox from my laptop. Besides Opera do have an integrated feed reader, an integrated torrent downloader and last but not least...it can natively read the exif info on any photography that has that info appended and also a validation tool that connects automatically to W3C website to validate ( or not ) webpages. It can provide also mail and chats accounts - I do not use these. Here at work and although I have the other two...Opera rules as is the most used - 99,99% of the time. You can read more about these three giants: [LINK],1558,1990850,00.asp and [LINK],1558,1998157,00.aspHappy Happy Happy
1 decade ago (30.08.2007 03:58)
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[LINK],1558,1998157,00.asp Happy
1 decade ago (31.08.2007 12:44)
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1 decade ago (31.08.2007 11:31)
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I think you cannot lose with either one. Opera is excellent. Why I ultimately chose Firefox is that on top of all the great features, its the cleanest looking one. The bookmarking cannot be beat. No other browser that I have tried lets you create folders on the actual browser window and then drag your favorite sites into them. Move the mouse over the folder, and presto, the list of the sites is there. I did not care for Operas interface... at all, actually. But it is fast. But honestly, with a 3MPS connection speed, the argument about speed becomes a moot point. Dial up? Different story. I have used Firefox now for over 2 years and its all I will use. As far as I am concerned, IE is the clear loser here. Photographer
1 decade ago (31.08.2007 02:55)
Reply by: etype2
I´m impressed with the clean simple look of the new Safari for Windows browser. The colors look better and the text looks very good. On my system,Firefox is faster then IE7 and Safari is faster then Firefox. Firefox has the worst looking text on my system. Safari is very bugging however as it is in early beta.

Never tried Opera. From your comments,sounds very good. Happy
1 decade ago (01.09.2007 12:02)
Reply by:
I think you are onto something Marshall. Its interesting to note that Safari´s site ranks Opera as very slow! All I know is that Safari is the fastest I have used yet. Yes, I have a high spped connection - and still the page load speeds are noticably quicker. I see what you mean about the text, too. I love Firefox but an ongoing issue is when I log onto the site here, my page goes blank. I always have to click on my saved Skinbase link and then I am logged on fine and the page displays. I do not experience that with Safari. Thanks for this. I did not know it was out in a Windows version. Its a very impressive browser, worthy of a try. Happy
1 decade ago (01.09.2007 12:33)
Reply by:
Fred, the problem is not with the browser, its probably with the site itself. I also have the same problem : logged, a page only with the header of the site appears and only when I reverse the page and click on a link, things are ok.As for the speed, ok my friend, we at home have a 10mps connection and we do note the difference - or my wife does feel the difference . However, everything is a question of marketing. The guys at Opera are not concerned about the marketing of their product, that´s why they have a low market share. They are only concerned about the features of the browser. Nintendo has chosen Opera as their browser for the Wii. Besides Opera do have also a mini browser for cell phones - I use it - which is really nice.Also and in what respects privacy and security, I think Opera beats hands down the other two. You do not have to load add-on´s on it, it has these features natively. Two weeks ago my wive was making a bank transfer over the net and sudenly Opera told her to be careful in a particular page, with a warning pop-up- telling her that the certificate of that page was not valid - and she right clicked and saw the certificate properties. Never saw anyone of the others doing that. Opera was the first to add a anti-pishing facility to the browser. Ultimately, I do not care either on marketing strategies, what I really think is that people sometimes do not know how to use the software they have installed on their machines. As for what Safari site mentioned about Opera being so slow, well, marketing strategies again. If I feel that a competitor of mine is good or have better products than mine, I am not going to admit that in public, would I? Believe me I am not emotional about these things, if everybody is happy with te browsers they have, I am happy too.

clap clap Happy
1 decade ago (01.09.2007 04:16)
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The speed difference here is like splitting hairs. Really. If I had to pick the fastest for me it would be Safari. But like I said - you cannot go wrong with Opera or Firefox in my book. Firefox edges it out for cosmetic reasons, mainly. As Safari catches on, it may offer a third, solid choice. The only browser I actually dislike is IE. Happy surfing and happy sharing to you my friend.

Photographer Photographer Wink
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