Free and Easy Way to Support Skinbase

MaryQualls / 1 decade ago (10 January 2006 07:39)

Whenever you are browsing/uploading/chatting here at DaBase, take a few moments to click on the SUPPORT tab at the top of the Home Page. Skinbase will receive a bit of advertising revenue each time you click on one of the banners that will appear there.

Personally, I try to click on at least 10 banners per day, but even one click will help the greatest wallpaper site on the Net...and you don't even have to be a Member to do this. Wink


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1 decade ago (10.01.2006 07:42)
Reply by: kchristine
1 decade ago (10.01.2006 07:44)
Reply by: adni18
Great post Mary! Happy
1 decade ago (10.01.2006 08:14)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
I think that link sounds misleading but you are right, we do have a separate staff page for the type of support some might expect when clicking on words like that. It was a constructive idea of Marys meant to help the base, though, which is what the support link is for too, admitted.

And it will sure help the people making the base possible, good topic. What does everybody else think? Or plan to do? What I do is in example link back to Skinbase from other sites. It all helps.
1 decade ago (10.01.2006 08:22)
Reply by: joosttielemans
The Administrator or staff can create a section for free money gifts for members or a few dollars or euro´s free membership... Happy
1 decade ago (10.01.2006 08:40)
Reply by: MaryQualls
This is what the SUPPORT page says.....

By clicking on this banner you will support skinbase:

(a banner appears here, and after clicking on it, a different banner appears by refreshing the SUPPORT page)

Perhaps I misunderstood the meaning of the words on the SUPPORT page. If so, my apologies to all. Happy I would, however, appreciate some clarification on this...if, as Tobe explained, clicking on those banners really does not help support DaBase then I´d like to know for sure. and my anorexia of the brain.

1 decade ago (10.01.2006 08:52)
Reply by: Srg01
Amazed Great initiative Mary, thanks a million for this thread, you´re so Booming love
1 decade ago (10.01.2006 08:59)
Reply by: kchristine
I agree with Serge, Mary. Anything that helps encourage members/visitors to support Skinbase is a good thing. This is a wonderful site with incredible art. Thanks for reminding us how to keep it going.
1 decade ago (10.01.2006 09:09)
Reply by: joosttielemans
The adrministrator can create a section for free gifts.What do you think about ?? Happy
1 decade ago (11.01.2006 09:11)
Reply by: joosttielemans
Yes i will say that Toby!!!! ?Not like Mary says paying for images but lcreating a free gift place on Skinbase with papal or others ... Happy
1 decade ago (10.01.2006 11:58)
Reply by: adni18
What exactly do you mean by saying "The adrministrator can create a section for free gifts" Joost ???
1 decade ago (11.01.2006 12:22)
Reply by: MaryQualls
Hi, Nikos!

I think Joost must mean something like onate" rel=nofollow target=_blank>[LINK] which works for that site since the donation allows 2 uploads per day rather than their standard limit of 1 upload per day.

To get back "on-topic" of this thread, I still would like to know if clicking on those banners really does help to support skinbase. lol


1 decade ago (11.01.2006 12:23)
Reply by: MaryQualls
Oops! I obviously don´t know how to insert links properly. Sorry!!!
1 decade ago (11.01.2006 12:27)
Reply by: TAXIFUNK
What Tobe, meant, Mary was misleading of another type, not what u said. I knew the word support from tool forums. Clicking it there leads to either threads to help beginners, FAQ like things (frequently asked questions with answers), or a box to submit a support ticket which sometimes only paying users get, whatever, or submit a help quest that is not a bug which then gets relayed to the developers to return a personal answer by mail etc. to help for that specific question. Under support you also find latest patches to fix bugs released in addition to the lates tool version.

So I was surprised when I clicked our support link the first time a while ago then to find that instead its more like - affiliates AND a WAY TO HELP SB as said in your well titled thread. Clicking our link DOES support the sponsors of ours, and thus the company running the server. In fact, not saying everything it is about before u click might be an intentional good or bad eye-catching shanghai the positive way. What do I know?

What Joost said clearly for me twice in this thread is called a DONATION, easy with PAYPAL if you dont even have credit cards like XAV73 or me, for example, because lets say in Germany its EC and shareit, paypal whatever. He means Help or Support the base by means of a gift in cash or the likes that is not regularly like a SUBSCRIPTION, which can also support a base, if that is the way it works.

Still a great thread, congrats.A w a r d Keep it up, your opinions?
1 decade ago (11.01.2006 12:37)
Reply by: adni18
To make the long story short, YES Mary, by clicking those banners and also all the other banners, it supports Skinbase Happy

1 decade ago (11.01.2006 12:50)
Reply by: MaryQualls
Thanks for clearing that up for me, Nikos. Very much appreciated. Happy

Okay, everyone...let´s all click on the SUPPORT tab at the top of the Home Page and get to work clicking on those banners. Wink
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