letsrock / 1 decade ago (12 November 2004 11:28)

Hey Guys,

after a night of trial-and-error i thought you could help me with this:

i already changed the paths - see here:

$news_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/news";

$news_url = "../newman/gfx/news/";

and referenced the local in the newman_lib.php, but the #*@! - WebMagazine wants to find the picture in the WebMagazine folder - i have no idea why...

try and see yourself @

you have to be very quick to see the missing picture and hit the right mouse button to see its location

crazy side-effect: the smileys ARE working, the smiley´s path in the is:

$smileys_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/smileys";

$smiley_url = "../newman/gfx/smileys/";


thanks in advance for your help,


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1 decade ago (14.01.2005 07:24)
Reply by: Peter_Vazed
Not at all.
PHP is like a puzzle sometimes.

This script is not working under PHP5, so i bought a book: PHP5
to find out how to change the code from php4 to php5.

How come?
Now i am trying to find out how this is done:
so i can build my own.
Making a drawing, cutting the iron, welding and painting.

My old Ford Escort needs welding at the bottom, so it has to turn.

The day has 24 hours, i need 36 :smile:


1 decade ago (16.08.2005 06:59)
Reply by: islamabadi2k
In case of my script i have a problem the picture is uploading properly but i dont know how to link picture with news and i need help.

Thanx in Advance
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