letsrock / 1 decade ago (12 November 2004 11:28)

Hey Guys,

after a night of trial-and-error i thought you could help me with this:

i already changed the paths - see here:

$news_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/news";

$news_url = "../newman/gfx/news/";

and referenced the local in the newman_lib.php, but the #*@! - WebMagazine wants to find the picture in the WebMagazine folder - i have no idea why...

try and see yourself @

you have to be very quick to see the missing picture and hit the right mouse button to see its location

crazy side-effect: the smileys ARE working, the smiley´s path in the is:

$smileys_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/smileys";

$smiley_url = "../newman/gfx/smileys/";


thanks in advance for your help,


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1 decade ago (13.11.2004 02:34)
Reply by: Peter_Vazed
This one? anotherstammtisch.jpg

and referenced the local in the newman_lib.php
Have you a second
This had to go in the webmagazine folder.
And link to it in the index:
require ("");

use the full url in this if it does not work:
$news_pics_path= "/data/members/free/tripod/nl/d/v/z/dvz/htdocs/newman/gfx/news";
$news_pics_url= "h t t p://";

1 decade ago (15.11.2004 12:02)
Reply by: letsrock
sure i got a second - the one in the /newman-folder

i´ll try the changes tomorrow - thanks for your help in the meantime and greets from austria,
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 04:26)
Reply by: letsrock
know what the problem was?

in the default there is NO $news_pics_url, but only a $news_url so it would be nice to add this reference in the future versions.
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 05:33)
Reply by: Peter_Vazed
There are more bugs.
Sometimes it is hard to find where the error is.
The is created by the install file.
So the install file needs a few more lines.

Peter V
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 07:14)
Reply by: letsrock
now i have the problem that the pictures directly on the main page won´t be found - see yourself at above link - perhaps you know more ´bout this...

as you can see, i already managed to show the in-text-pics...
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 07:22)
Reply by: letsrock
so what more paths can be missing?

i´m posting my

$db_server = "localhost";
$db_uname = "XXXX";
$db_pass = "XXXX";
$db_name = "letsrock";
$db_admin = "admin";
$db_groups = "groups";
$db_news = "news";
$db_news_pics = "news_pics";
$db_news_comments = "news_comments";
$db_news_logged = "news_logged";
$db_partners = "partners";
$db_pnews = "pnews";
$db_story = "story";
$db_smileys = "smileys";
$db_topic = "topic";
$db_users = "users";
$db_weekQ = "weekQ";
$db_weekA = "WeekA";
$db_weather = "weather";
$db_rss = "rss";
$db_gallery_groups = "gallery";
$db_gallery = "pictures";
$smileys_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/smileys";
$smiley_url = "../newman/gfx/smileys/";
$partners_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/partners";
$partners_url = "../newman/gfx/partners/";
$topic_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/topic";
$topic_url = "../newman/topic";
$rss_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/rss";
$news_pics_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/news";
$news_pics_url = "[LINK]";
$news_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/news";
$news_url = "[LINK]";
$gallery_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/gallery";
$gallery_url = "../newman/gfx/gallery/";
$weather_path = "/usr/export/www/vhosts/funnetwork/hosting/letsrock/rotschrift/newman/gfx/weather";
$weather_url = "../newman/gfx/weather/";
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 07:50)
Reply by: letsrock
oh, i found a new reason:

the missing pic is the one with the two little arrows (more.gif) and it works (as you can see) when set in "breaking news" but it doesn´t if set in "visible news"

cool, ha?
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 08:10)
Reply by: Peter_Vazed
This one:

$story_path = "/data/members/free/tripod/nl/d/v/z/dvzdirect/htdocs/produkten/newman/gfx/news";
$story_url = "./newman/gfx/news/";

If you get a problem with topic, add a / at the end:
$topic_url = "./newman/topic/";
you have:
$topic_url = "../newman/topic";

in header.php
To set the colors of the menu you have to open header.php
Now set the bgcolor.

To center the page use center in the table.

In newmanlib line 1096 and line 1126 you can find galerija and change it in your own language.


Peter V
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 08:23)
Reply by: letsrock
thanks, i fixed this one, but i already got another prob (i know, i´m strenuous!)

the menu doesn´t work properly anymore, all links seem to be the same... (just look for yourself)
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 08:32)
Reply by: Peter_Vazed
What do you mean?
What have you changed?

1 decade ago (15.11.2004 08:39)
Reply by: letsrock
just try clicking through the menu items on the right side and you will always get the same news instead of the gallery etc.

i´m not sure what i changed that affected the menu
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 08:39)
Reply by: letsrock
oh sorry i meant on the LEFT side
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 09:02)
Reply by: letsrock
so, i think now you should see the errors - i have added an item in each category
1 decade ago (15.11.2004 09:31)
Reply by: Peter_Vazed
Jetzt ist es wieder gut.

Peter V

1 decade ago (15.11.2004 09:42)
Reply by: letsrock
neither does the user menu
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