System Remote

System Remote

By ~TripleDuce~
I designed these for the simple fact that at the present moment I have been working on a Remote Access Program that allows you to take remote access of a laptop/notebook or desktop pc. This remote program well allow you to connect ether Bluetooth of through the internet. It will have Unattended Access so that you can transfer files documents photos music anything that you have you will be able to transfer it no mater how large the file maybe. The program will allow you to take control up to six (6) computers or notebook/laptops all at once . It allows you to Connect in a Very Secure Network That The Program Provides. The Program Has Built in Firewall and Anti Virus Protection To Prevent any Attacks.. The Transfer Rate Will Blow Your Mind.. I transferred Sixty Five (65) GB in less than Eight (8) Min..The Program also allows you to create a Invitation To any system to enable you to take remote access of there system. The Name of The Remote Program is (Let's Connect!) The Program has a ( 90 Day) Trial after 90 days you will have to Purchase The Program.. Your asking yourself : How Much ? well it's Gonna Run about ( $24.99) But I Will Be Sending Out Personal Invitations For The Program ! What Does That Mean ? It Means : It's 100% Free Gift! ! For More Information about ( Let's Connect!) Send a Email to ( [LINK] )
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