USMC Always_Faithful

USMC Always_Faithful

By ~TripleDuce~
USMC Always_Faithful was designed by Myself for the Memory's that I have for Serving 22 years in The Marine's. I was forced to retire do to injury's i sustained while serving in Iraq.
My M.O.S. for 17 years was 'Sharpshooter' ie ....Sniper.. I lost the Sight in My Left Eye and have about 11 lbs of Titanium in my body. All the way from Facial reconstruction and losses of half a kidney / lung / stomach... It took about 3 years of recovery before I felt Human again.. But I don't let any of that Stop me from doing the thing's I Love in Life...

USMC Always_Faithful was Designed using '' a program I love using.. I had taken a project that ( Sed ) had submitted and I had diced and sliced the liven hell out of it to get what I really needed to complete my project that I have been working of for a few days.. ( I hope Sed doesn't mind that I had used parts of one of his projects..)

USMC Always_Faithful was Designed for all of us to remember all those who gave the up-most sacrifice any one could possibly ever give.. There Life! Even tho they are no longer here on this Earth with Us There Spirit Lives with each of us.

I have lost a lot of friends while all of us served in Iraq and I lost a great deal of My Close Friends and I miss the Liven Hell out of Them All.

So I Dedicate this To All Who Served in The Armed Services..

Rest In Peace My Fallen Friends. I Will Never Ever For Get Any Of You !

Master SGT. Thomas J. Aderson 24THMEU
1st Lt. David M. Person 24THMEU
1st Lt. Paul.E. Valdez 24THMEU
Capt. Rachel P. Sanderson 24THMEU

Capt. Tereso T. Vasquez III 24THMEU (Retired)


1 decade ago
Comment by: sed
I gotta dig thru this to see what was mine in there!! Very cool Cool Cool Semper Fi Cool Cool
1 decade ago
Comment by: sed
Good JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulation
1 decade ago
Comment by: ~TripleDuce~
hey Sed look at the Silver Outer Framing.. thats a part from one of your projects..LoL !!!
1 decade ago
Comment by: digitalpix4all
Nicely done, TD. clap clap Congratulation A w a r d
1 decade ago
Comment by: killua
Awesome clap Congratulation Cool
1 decade ago
Comment by: Alfa30
Very nice work ! clap Cool A w a r d

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