ZX Spectrum Emulator

This is Windows 95/98/NT program that converts outing to AY-3-8910/12 or YM2149 into digital sound or WAV-file. Following files can be used as outing sources:
OUT (files of ZX Spectrum emulator ´Z80´ by G.A. Lunter);
PSG (files of ZX Spectrum emulator ´Z80 Stealth´ by Mr.Kirill and of some other emulators);
EPSG (files of ZX Spectrum emulator ´Z80 Stealth´);
YM (file of ´StSound Project´ by Leonard/Oxygen; YM2, YM3, YM3b, YM5 and YM6 files completely supported);
VTX (files of ´Vortex Project´ by V_Soft);
ZXAY, ZX50 (files of this Emulator).
All of these files simply store outing to the chip. Additionally supported files of popular ZX Spectrum music editors:
STC - Sound Tracker v1.xx
PSC - Pro Sound Creator v1.xx
ASC - ASC Sound Master v0.xx-2.xx
PT1, PT2, PT3 - Pro Tracker v1.xx-3.xx
STP - Sound Tracker Pro
FTC - Fast Tracker v1.xx
FLS - Flash Tracker
SQT - SQ-Tracker
GTR - Global Tracker
FXM - Fuxoft AY Language
AY of AMAD type - Amadeus modules, analog of FXM
Third kind of supported files is that, which need to emulate Z80 processor because of these files store parts of ZX Spectrum or Amstrad CPC memory.
AY of EMUL type (DeliAY and AYPlay projects files);
To listen music in emulator needed sound card with next abilities: 44100, 22050 or 11025 Hz, 8 or 16 bit, Mono or Stereo. WAV-files are always creating with 44100 Hz, 16 bit, Stereo quality.