The LividBrowser is online and ready to rumble! Using Internet Explorer, LividBrowser allows you to explore the web in style with it´s professional-looking skin. Also, because it only consists of JavaScript, Web Pages and Graphics, the program is fully customizable. So, what´s so special other than it´s graphics? LividBrowser takes up all of your screen to provide you with truly stress-free browsing, removing all the unwanted buttons and bars. Browsing the net never felt so good! You can download this program for free by clicking Download to the right of the screen! There are no catches, no twists, no advertisements - just a more stylish browser! If you´re worried that you won´t be satisfied - don´t worry! Not only does it come with an extremely simple uninstall program, it also doesn´t take up almost no space at all (approximately 20KB). The browser does not change any of your settings in Internet Explorer, and you may use both Internet Explorer and LividBrowser whenever you wish without any hassle. You´d be crazy not to give it a try!