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Tiktok is an application that allows users to create, share videos, entertain, or use to sell, promote brands, personal images, ... You are learning about how to set up TikTok nick but Don't know where to start? The following article will show you how to create the simplest TikTok account in just a few minutes on both your phone and computer.

Instructions on how to register a TikTok account on the phone

To create a TikTok account on your phone, you first need to download this application to your device. On your phone, go to the Play Store for Android or the Appstore for iOS. Search for the Tiktok app and download it.

After the installation is complete, please open this application. And follow these steps to create a TikTok account

- Step 1: Go to the "Register TikTok" section, the interface will appear as shown below, you can choose the phone number, Gmail. Or log in with your Facebook or Google account, the system will automatically connect for you. With this step, the date of the birth window appears, you need to fill in all the information.

- Step 2:

●    If you choose to register by phone number, you need to enter the number. After entering, the system will send you an OTP code, you just need to enter the verification code.

●    If you choose to sign in with Gmail, you can enter your email. Don't forget to verify your email.

●    Or you choose to sign in with a Google account. If you haven't signed in to any Google account on your phone before, you'll need to sign in at this step. Any Google accounts on the device will be visible to you. Select to continue. Once selected, we will immediately be logged into Tiktok with an avatar, the same account name as the Google account.

 If you have any difficulty registering for an account, Registerfinder is a useful website to help you easily register all websites.

- Step 3: Next, enter the password for your Tiktok account. Then create a username for the account.

- Step 4: Finally, to complete the TikTok account creation, you need to go to the "Edit profile" section to fill in all information and change the name and create a TikTok id.

How to register a TikTok account on the computer

With a phone, you just need to download the application easily and want to use TikTok on your computer. you have to resort to the help of emulator software like NoxPlayer. Here, I will guide you to install TikTok on your computer simply and quickly.

- Step 1: You need to download the emulator application to the device. After the installation is complete, you need to start this emulator and click on the Play Store item.

- Step 2: Search Tiktok on the search bar.

- Step 3: Next, download Tiktok to your device, and to use it, you need to click Install to download it.

- Step 4: Click Accept to agree to access the application. Wait for the TikTok application to finish downloading, then click Open.

So you have installed TikTok on your computer already. Next is to continue to create an account just like on the phone.

How to build a quality TikTok channel with many followers to sell

Build a quality profile

Each TikTok account has its profile, you need to completely set up your personal information. Add brand and product descriptions, add websites, social media pages, and update your brand avatar.

If you invest in your account professionally, customers will be more impressed when entering your profile.

And also don't forget to make your account public, so people can watch your videos, come and follow you.

Build creative, interesting videos

You need to invest ideas to create attractive, creative, and trending TikTok videos quickly. Every good video will have many viewers interacting, dropping hearts, commenting, sharing, or following you. These interactive indicators the more your videos will be displayed and can be included in the list of trending videos by TikTok.

To create an attractive video, in addition to investing in content, you also need to add capture effects, insert hot music to make the video more attractive.

One of the ways to engage your followers is to post videos regularly. The more you update TikTok, the more positive your rating will be.

Commenting on videos with a lot of views

You can choose TikTok videos with many views and hearts to comment on. Commenting like that will help TikTok evaluate you have a good amount of interaction and if you have videos related to this topic, it will be suggested to show up.

Cross follow TikTok

To increase your following quickly, you can use cross-account tracking, choosing new accounts will be easier to do. By following others, TikTok will ask that account if they want to follow you back, if you have good and interesting videos that stimulate their curiosity, they will follow you right away.

In addition, currently on Facebook, many groups support follow exchange, you just need to share, post your ID, or link to your TikTok account and ask them to help you like, share, follow you on the condition that you have to return the likes, share and follow them.

Buy accounts with many followers:

This is the fastest way to get an account with many followers. You need to pay a certain fee depending on the number of followers on that account.

After you buy an account, you need to create more quality, attractive videos to continue to maintain this follower count and earn new followers.



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