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Pros and cons of a bagless vacuum cleaner

You are searching for a vacuum cleaner. Firstly you think: Oh, so simple. Just open my laptop, click an eCommerce website, type a keyword about a vacuum cleaner. And then we have everything we need.

Yes, we will have everything. And these things make us so confused. Because we don’t what to choose, how to choose. What is the best vacuum cleaner? An upright or canister vacuum? We consider choosing between a cordless and corded vacuum. Then they should be bagless or bagged vacuum?

Now your mission becomes very complicated and you may get a headache with given information. To help you choose the right vacuum, we give you some best vacuum cleaner reviews . In this article, you will understand the pros and cons of a bagless vacuum cleaner.


Bagless vacuum is considered a new innovation for improving vacuum cleaners in the world. They are easy to use. You can maintain and lean them quickly and easily. Below are a bagless vacuum’s pros:

  • Save money: You don’t have to buy more and more bags, set up a store to stock up bags. You are not angry or uncomfortable while cleaning and realize that your bag run over.
  • You know exactly when you need to empty: Thanks to the design of a bagless vacuum, you can see whether when the vacuum is full and need to be emptied. Emptying vacuum content at the right time helps it work more effectively.
  • Eco-friendly: using a bagged vacuum means you have to use hundreds of bags. These bags are usually made of non-eco-friendly materials. After using it, you have to throw it away. This affects our environment much. About a bagless vacuum? there is not bag anymore. Nothing superfluous along with dust and dirt is thrown away.
  • Convenient: this vacuum model allows you to clean your house as often as you would like because you don’t need to wait or prepare for bags. In case your vacuum picks up something valuable, just open up the chamber and take it out. It is not as same as a bagged vacuum. We have to cut open the bag, search and sift around to find it.


Bagless vacuum become more and more popular and receive many good Vacuum Cleaner Reviews . But we can’t deny that they have some disadvantages. They are right choice for all of us.

They don’t have bag, therefore you expose to more dust and allergens when you are trying to empty it. It is not removing a bag like using bagged vacuum. So, dust and allergens may be kicked back into the air at that time. You or someone have problem with asthma, a bagless vacuum is not the right choice.

When we ask for top 10 vacuum cleaners reviews, some housewives said that they have to clean and maintain their vacuum frequently. It takes them much time to do these tasks.

Is a bagless vacuum cleaner right for your house? Have you every used any bagless vacuum before? What do you think about this type of vacuum? Please share us!



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