Litestep + Win98 SE. Are there stability issues?

raff / 1 decade ago (07 August 2003 03:47)

I decided to scrap my Windows 2000 system and go with RedHat 9.0. To get my Win32 programs working correctly in Wine, I decided to install Win98 SE. So far so good.

After installing Litestep on 98, I noticed that some programs weren´t working as they should. Some don´t seem to launch at all, while others can cause the whole system to stop responding. Has anybody else seen issues like this?

Apart from that, I´ve found Litestep a b*stard to get working properly, but I realize that there is a learning curve. (Yes, I´m reading up on OTS Vs LSDistro Happy


Raff :smoke

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1 decade ago (07.08.2003 03:51)
Reply by: Snowman
I´ve found Litestep a b*stard to get working properly
Hear that all - LS IS EVILLLLLL.

(Over to our resident (evil) LS user: grimspoon)
1 decade ago (07.08.2003 04:48)
Reply by: craeonics
I have never, ever had any problem whatsoever wih Litestep, except two:

1. random file manager lock-ups, though I haven´t seen that in aeons (must be fixed then)
2. XP stalls when displaying the logon screen if you don´t use Explorer as a shell
1 decade ago (07.08.2003 05:05)
Reply by: raff
Yeah, the file manager thing - that´s one of the issues. Also, refreshing LS after running GTA (original version) causes the whole thing to freeze Sad I can reproduce that problem at will.

Well, it´s a newly built system. No harm in starting clean with a little more LS insight.

Anybody got any magic installation tips (apart from those in the READMEs)?
1 decade ago (07.08.2003 05:50)
Reply by: grimspoon
I had personally found builds prior to 2000 LS release to be way more stable on Win98 systems. I still use one of my early LS themes on the old beat up games box. Unfortunately, I can´t really help you, cause I do not use any programs made after 2000 on that machine. From what I can gather, there could be some compatibility issues.
1 decade ago (07.08.2003 08:15)
Reply by: craeonics
The file manager thing seems to have disappeared after I switched to XP. I guess XP is more lenient or better coded than 98.

As for tips, if you´re new to this, you might want to use a shell loader, like ShellOn or Carapace. Also, the prime way to get in touch with people who are truly in the know is to ask on the LiteStep mailing list. You´d have to sign up for that first though: [LINK]
1 decade ago (08.08.2003 12:08)
Reply by: CutTheRedWire
Some modules don´t work right for me, but it crashes a lot less than it did with explorer. I higly recomend it.

The real problem is that most of the community is on XP or 2000. There isn´t enough testing done for 98 because there aren´t enough ppl willing or knowledgable enough to beta test. Some module developers even dropping 98 support. I don´t think it will be soon, but support for 98 will probably be ended eventually.

Sad thing is explorer has compatability and stability issues with 98. :P LiteStep is going to be a step up most likely.

If you do have a problem, most likely there is a fix for it. That you you can report the bug. That goes back to the beta testing problem: how would someone new know what module caused the problem and who to contact. :x

Much as I love litestep, I have to say that it´s decentralization has it´s problems. That´s one of them above. If something goes wrong you have to figure out who the developer is. The mailing list seems like a good place to go for that though. I haven´t used it as I would like to get another e-mail address for mailing lists.
1 decade ago (08.08.2003 01:25)
Reply by: moshi
just a short question: are you running Windows 98 as an OS or did you just have it installed for library dependencies? are you trying to run LS under *NIX?
1 decade ago (23.09.2003 10:09)
Reply by: LightningStar
hmm weard
1 decade ago (23.09.2003 03:49)
Reply by: PK
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Angry
1 decade ago (23.09.2003 07:58)
Reply by: imtoomuch
Windows ME is the problem, not LiteStep! At least I´ve found ME to be extremely buggy anc crash-prone. Anyway that sounds like a module issue if it´s not an issue with Linux. The only way to see which module it is is to disable the module and try the theme and keep doing this until you no longer see the problem.