Scrolling + hotkeys

CutTheRedWire / 1 decade ago (18 February 2003 12:28)

Just was wondering if anyone knew of a modual or a way to use the scroll wheel with a shift ket as a hot key. I (and couple friends) would like to set Shift+ScrolUp/Down to volume. I can think of other uses too, but I don´t even know if it can be done yet. :P

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1 decade ago (18.02.2003 01:22)
Reply by: Snowman
hmm... nope, haven´t got the slightest clue where to find such a "thingy", but it sounds very interesting though!!
1 decade ago (18.02.2003 03:34)
Reply by: CutTheRedWire
It also would work well with the hotkey plugin that can have resetable groups of hotkeys (and the one that can turn on/off the scroll/cpas/num lock). Then you could have even more functions (play list control, browser control, etc). Would also be cool if the scroll wheel could move through the menus and such.
1 decade ago (18.02.2003 06:31)
Reply by: Scarebear
shift-scroll for volume has me wanting this phantom application! Happy
1 decade ago (18.02.2003 08:25)
Reply by: Snowman
hmm... btw, most new keyboards have "hotkeys" for turning the volume up/down, and I should guess/think/hope that someone with a bit of programming skills/tools might sneak out which parts of the drivers that controls volume and mimic the code somehow to match the mouse - or am I dreaming?!

/me *shrugs*
1 decade ago (18.02.2003 08:26)
Reply by: CutTheRedWire
Ah, but if it was configurable with other hotkeys, you could have it do a variety of things.

I think the best cinerio would be something like rainmeter does: it´s a modual or an app. Something that could be a hotkey app, or replace the hotkey.dll in LS.

I have an optical track ball with 5 button. The three spare are set to: Alt+F4, Enter, and Shift (with Shift+Enter = menu). Now I just gotta get the scroll wheel to work for volume.

Still, it would give added functionality even it you didn´t have 5 buttons. For now I just have Ctrl+Up/Down controling winamp´s volume (still looking for a !bang to control the master volume, but that shouldn´t be too hard to find).

Scarebear: what shell do you use?

Snowman: Know any places I can look (besides I´m fairly new to LS (just around two months experience).