KricKit / 1 decade ago (04 July 2002 11:18)

This is a fast easy to use text editor. I use it to rewrite the modules file for hover desk. The best part about it...It's Free...
Want it? I got it here-->http://www.sventore.com/textit_dev.php

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1 decade ago (04.07.2002 11:25)
Reply by: BruB
it´s not skinnable ?
1 decade ago (04.07.2002 02:13)
Reply by: Snowman
doesn´t appear so....
1 decade ago (05.07.2002 01:01)
Reply by: craeonics
Cool enough though. Hurray for new apps. Not good enough to take win32pad´s place though. No, what I need is an app with really advanced search replace functionality. Regex style so to speak.
1 decade ago (05.07.2002 05:55)
Reply by: Koasati
I love win32pad also! I thought I was the only person using it.
1 decade ago (18.08.2007 02:50)
Reply by: Captain America