Edit , download, delete problems in Edit artwork file manager

stramp / 9 years ago (29 April 2015 07:26)

Edit error


ERROR 101: Unknown column 'uname' in 'where clause'


Download error- ERROR 9: Unknown column 'uname' in 'field list'


Delete error- ERROR 348: Unknown column 'uname' in 'NEW'

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9 years ago (29.04.2015 11:45)
Reply by: stramp

Also cannot post to chat!!!

9 years ago (01.05.2015 10:57)
Reply by: teddybearcholla

mmm... I read \" Eat, download, delte............. good to see you weren\'t eating when downloading, John!!!  hehehe!!

9 years ago (04.05.2015 12:59)
Reply by: stramp

Funny Barb!\"Laughing\"