New Design 2015

Gregor / 9 years ago (28 April 2015 07:16)

We having new design here at Skinbase. Please let us know how you like it and if you discover any bugs. You can also click on the top right corner on orange icon to open sidebar with chat

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9 years ago (28.04.2015 08:52)
Reply by: Gregor


9 years ago (28.04.2015 08:52)
Reply by: Gregor

another test Happy

9 years ago (30.04.2015 10:54)
Reply by: teddybearcholla

Beautiful design!!!!  Grin

9 years ago (01.07.2015 06:24)
Reply by: etype2

Nice and smooth.

9 years ago (06.07.2015 02:18)
Reply by: Mitsubishiman

I can no longer access the site, using IE  at home and work, also tried Firefox, site locks up and I gave to ctrl alt delete  to get out,  on my phone can access the site,  however  the upload button does not respond, I am beginning to think I have been banned from the site

7 years ago (07.09.2016 07:29)
Reply by: Gregor