Once again cannot select a Catagory when trying to upload

stramp / 9 years ago (26 April 2015 03:07)

I get a weird screen when selecting a catagory, Check out the link to the screenshot. It happens with Google, Chrome, IE11, Mozilla Firefox browsers. Was working fine have no probs anywhere else. I cleared the browser, used antivirus, malwarebytes, etc... Uninstalled every browser and reinstalled only Chrome- no luck. Reset modem rebooted. tried entering everything forwards and backwards. Fresh install only week old, all updates for EVERYTHING. Running Win 7 Ultimate. Advice other than what I've done?

Screenshot- http://s293.photobucket.com/user/stramp_bucket/media/Catagory%20problem_zpsakct9ywh.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0

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9 years ago (27.04.2015 12:13)
Reply by: Gregor

We´re working on some upgrades right now. But upload should be fixed now

9 years ago (29.04.2015 12:20)
Reply by: stramp

I can upload now but cannot edit my upload in edit artwork! Upgrade problem or me?

9 years ago (29.04.2015 12:52)
Reply by: stramp

Also can\'t download the file, copy paste with right click have to use keyboard shortcuts.


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