Skinbase Birthday

etype2 / 6 years ago (13 September 2013 12:31)

Today is Skinbase birthday, September 12, 2013.

I joined December, 1999, so I think Skinbase has been online for 13 or 14 years. See this link to see what Skinbase looked like on November 8, 2000. Some of the links on this old page actually open. Notice the total uploads, 436, the majority being wallpapers!

Skinbase has sure come a long way since the beginning. Thanks to Gregor, Nikos and all. Lets celebrate our Skinbase birthday. {#smileys_dlg.champagne }

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6 years ago (13.09.2013 03:15)
Reply by: sed

I joined in 2000 (about)  That site is very cool! Cool

6 years ago (13.09.2013 12:36)
Reply by: etype2

Link: [LINK]

5 years ago (01.08.2014 04:09)
Reply by: FredNunes

I jpined in 2006.   I always try to get more artists to join here too.   Not having any luck.   Sad

5 years ago (01.11.2014 03:59)
Reply by: Mitsubishiman

Wincustomize 2002 2004

Caedes 2005

SkinBase 2005

DeviantART 2005

Blackbox 2015

Fotocommunity 2015

500px 2015

I previously spent most of my free time on DA, however after the introduction of the new interface I will use it considerably less if at all, so strange when the feedback is 85% against the new version